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What to Look for in a Commercial Shipping Container Rental

2021 May 27
Written by Make Space Storage

Are you or your business looking to rent a commercial shipping container for your needs but need help choosing the container that best fits your needs? There are plenty of things to consider when renting a container especially if you have never done it before. When choosing a commercial shipping container for rent it is important to understand what makes a good commercial shipping container rental stand out from the crowd and in this blog post, we are going to help you do just that. 

Container Sizes

When renting a commercial shipping container choosing the size is going to be one of the most important factors. Are you looking to rent a commercial shipping container for a retail business or for a home renovation? Our most popular commercial shipping container for rent is our 20’ shipping container which works well for most small to medium size projects. When deciding what size container you will need, make a list of all the items you need to store in it but make sure to have extra room for those forgotten items so you don't have challenges later on.

At Make Space Storage we can help you find the perfect size commercial shipping container rental for your needs. We offer:

  • 20’ commercial shipping container for rent

  • 40’ commercial shipping container for rent

  • 20’ Mobile Offices for rent 

Flexible and Portable Design

Portability is the main reason people choose commercial shipping container rentals for business or for moving. The ability to move your container to different locations or projects is a benefit over self-storage options. Construction companies often use our portable storage containers to store tools and equipment and also use our mobile storage offices. When the project is over we are able to move them to the next site.

Security & Protection

When choosing a commercial shipping container for rent security is very important. Shipping containers are designed to take on the harsh conditions of the sea and are very heavy and strong. We recommend using an additional lock which you can purchase at our storage facility.. 

When people think of security they usually think of thieves. While this is a concern you should also look for companies that are Wind and water-tight (WWT) this means that they are ready to take on any weather conditions including rain and snow. Another concern is protection from bugs and rodents that can easily destroy the items in your container if they get in. All of our containers have rubber gaskets on both sides of the door creating a water seal that prevents water, rodents and bugs from getting in. 

Our Commercial Shipping Container for Rent

At Make Space Storage we offer only the best secure containers that you can use for storage or moving goods from one place to another. With so much inventory we will make sure to find the size that suits your needs best.  

When you rent from us we guarantee that our containers are structurally sound, wind and watertight, rodent-proof and at the best rate. 

Ready to rent a container? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

At your location:

  1. We deliver an empty portable storage container from our storage facility to your home or business 

  2. You pack it and store it at your yard or driveway for as long as you need, enjoying the benefit of having all the stuff within your immediate reach

  3. Once you empty your container and don’t need it anymore, we pick it up at the time that is convenient for you or move it to another location

At our yard:

  1. We deliver an empty portable storage container to your home or business location

  2. You load it and schedule the time when you want us to pick it up and move it to our facility. If you need something from the container while it’s stored with us, you can schedule a visit and get access to it 

  3. Once you are ready to get your things back, let us know. We’ll schedule your storage container rental delivery and drop it off at your home or business location 


Thanks for reading our blog post on what to look for when you rent all-steel commercial storage containers. When looking for a shipping container rental look for security, portability and a variety of sizes available and ALWAYS rent from a reputable company that you can trust like Make Space Storage. We hope this makes your rental decision a breeze. 

 If you still need help deciding on a size or would like to learn more about the security and portability of our containers please reach out to us and we would be happy to help. 

If you are interested in purchasing a shipping container instead of renting one? Visit our partner location, Coast Containers and they can guide you through the purchasing process of one of our shipping containers. 

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