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Portable Storage Containers for Rent

The portable storage space gets delivered to your place so you can pack it at your own pace. Move anywhere once packed, or store it at your location or our facility. We offer ultimate flexibility with delivery and pick up dates.

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About this Service

Portable or mobile storage is one of the most convenient types of storage because you don’t have to drive your belongings anywhere, instead, the portable storage unit is delivered to you anytime you need it. Storage container rental is great for both personal (moving, renovations, house staging) and professional (storing tools, supplies, inventory) needs.

Portable Storage Pricing

from $115/4 weeks
+ delivery and pick-up
from $150/4 weeks
+ delivery and pick-up
*The prices are based on storage at your location and do not include fees for storage at Make Space facility (starts at $25/4 weeks depending on your location)

How does it work?

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step 1
We deliver an empty portable storage container to your home or business location
Step 2
You pack it and store it at your yard or driveway (check local permits) for as long as you need enjoying the benefit of having all the stuff you might need within your immediate reach
Step 3
Once you empty your container and don’t need it anymore, we pick it up at the time that is convenient for you
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step 1
We deliver an empty portable storage container to your home or business location
Step 2
You load it and schedule the time when you want us to pick it up and move it to your local Make Space Storage facility. If you need something from the container while it’s stored with us, you can schedule a visit and get access to it (at least one business day notice required)
Step 3
Once you are ready to get your things back, let us know. We’ll schedule your storage container rental delivery and drop it off at your home or business location again so you can unload it
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About Our Containers

Different Sizes
The most popular storage container sizes are 20’ and 40’. Choose one depending on how much storage space you need.
A shipping container is a metal engineered box protected by tight doors. It is quite heavy and hard to get into once locked. We recommend ensuring our containers with locks.
All our containers are structurally sound, wind- and watertight, rodent proof, and have solid floors without any worn away areas.
Weather Protection
Whether it’s a rainy fall or snowy winter, our containers are meant to withstand the harshest weather conditions while keeping your items safe.
Each container has rubber gaskets on both sides of the doors that creates a water seal. This also prevents rodents from getting inside the container.
Container Costs
Thanks to many partners in the industry, we have a consistent supply of shipping containers at low cost, which allows us to be competitive and offer you the best rates.


Awesome storage facility! In Edmonton, Alberta! We rented a 20’ sea can for a couple months while our house was getting built, we were able to come & go freely as we loaded it but by bit, Troy was awesome & very accommodating when it came time to move the pod from his storage facility to our new home to unload! Thank you again Troy we are very appreciative & would definitely use ur services again & I highly recommend using them!!!

Dan Danielle Moisan

Make Space Storage in Pender Harbour provided me with an excellent storage solution. Very helpful and friendly staff, and I highly recommend them!

Jennifer Cates

The staff at Make Space Storage (Pender Harbour) are wonderful. Every interaction we've ever had in our 2-year relationship with them has been a pleasure. The units are also excellent and very secure. We recommend Make Space PH wholeheartedly! 

Sarah Blick

Greg and James are very knowledgable in their business. They helped us every step of the way deciding what size and type of container to use in the way of contents, placement on our property and access. This will definitely make our renovations less cumbersome. We will be glad to pass on the excellent service you provided to friends and family. We would have no problem using your expertise in the future. Thanks Guys! Deanna and Gord

Deanna Lounsbury

We just rented a 20 foot portable container for extended term to store retail goods for our retail shop in Winnipeg since COVID DISRUPTION has caused some logistical issues. I requested a clean container in order to avoid any contamination - IT WAS CLEAN. I requested delivery within 4 days - IT WAS THERE. Requested the driver be qualified - HE WAS. I found the guys easy to work with and very pleasant in their response. Good business sense. Thanks.

Bob Krul
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