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Staying Safe During Covid-19 - Why portable storage containers are the safest storage solution

2021 April 27
Written by Make Space Storage

What comes to your mind when you think of the safest and most convenient way of using storage during a pandemic?

  1. Accessibility: Easily access belongings when you need them without having to leave your property. 

  2. Affordability: safety is our number one priority but shouldn’t be at the expense of affordability. We offer many storage solutions at the best price.

  3. Minimal Interactions: You don’t need to interact with anyone face-to-face unless you want to when you use Make Space storage solutions. We can drop off a container to your home without ever coming into contact. If you do need to come into contact with our team we will be wearing all the appropriate safety equipment and social distancing.

All of our portable storage options are secure and convenient

All of our portable storage options are secure and convenient. We offer container delivery and pick-up and can also relocate your container to another location. 

  1. Secure 

  • Shipping containers are wind and water tight. This makes the containers suitable for any type of weather condition.

  • Sea Can containers are made from solid steel with a tight locking door.

  • All of our containers have rubber gaskets to create a water seal. This also protects your belongings from rodents

  1. Convenient

  • Store the container on your property and have access to your belongings whenever you need them and without coming into contact with anytone

  • Unlike moving trucks, you don’t need to load and unload your belongings

  • Have the container relocated to another location when you need it

  • Whether you are using the container for personal or business use, we can help with all storage needs.

  • We have different options of container sizes for whatever suits your needs best

Why is portable storage the best option for your storage needs during Covid-19?

Safety is our priority as COVID-19 continues to spread across the country and the whole world is taking charge in the battle against this pandemic.  Our team understands the importance of safety measures and developed safety protocols to protect customers and their families in the best possible way.

  • Getting your container requires minimal to no interactions

  • Get a quote and fill out our contract online

  • We deliver the containers directly to your door – our delivery drivers practice social distancing and will be wearing a mask during the container drop-off and pick-up. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our drivers but we ask that you please keep your distance.

  • We offer appropriate personal protective equipment to all of our staff members at all locations.

  • Employees are social distancing and staying 6 feet apart from each other and from our customers.

  • Staff is required to report any sicknesses and to take sick days when needed

  •  As the container is always set at your private location, nobody else will have access to it except you and your team: this is one of the best ways to stay safe during COVID-19.

We did our best to apply the “minimum interaction” method to delivering our services to everybody who is looking for safe moving and storing solutions accompanied by outstanding customer experience. If you are interested in renting one of our portable storage containers visit our website or call us for a quote. 

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