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How Portable Storage Units can Make your Life Easier

2020 October 16
Written by Make Space Storage

People use portable storage units for so many different purposes whether they are for personal use or for your business needs. We have seen so many different uses for portable storage containers but some of the most common for personal use that we have seen include remodelling, decluttering and seasonal storage solutions. Businesses can use portable storage units for events, staging houses and even as portable offices spaces that are customizable units with air conditioners and windows! Portable storage units are a fantastic organization and space-saving solution to make your life easier. Check out these 8 portable storage unit organization ideas to find ways to make your life easier below.

8 Ways to Use Portable Storage Units

1.   Portable Office Space

Everyone wants their job site to run as efficiently as possible. Having a central office on your job site will make tasks easier for everyone working at the site. At Make Space we don’t just offer portable storage units for storage space organization and offices, we also offer customization options to make your office as comfortable and efficient as possible. Add in windows, bathrooms and even air conditioning!

2.   Event Storage

Whether you are a party planner or just someone who likes to plan events at your home, portable storage units as event storage is a great option to make sure everything is together and out of the way so your guests can enjoy their night. From weddings to birthday parties, you can organize your storage unit to have all of your furniture and decorations in a sealed portable storage unit so you can easily access it for your event and know that the contents are safe and secure.

3.   On-site equipment Storage

No more running from different job sites and storage units to find the right equipment you need for the day. Organizing a storage unit allows you to keep all of your equipment including tools, and material in a dry storage container on the site you are working at. Lock it up at the end of the night to make sure it is secure and safe and open it up again in the morning to get back to work. It’s that easy.

4.   Home Staging

Furniture and decor for staging a house or apartment takes up a lot of space. Have your portable storage container delivered to the house that you are selling with everything you need ready to make that space feel like home. Many home stagers have figured out how to organize a storage unit to be as efficient as possible, often organizing a storage unit based on item category. When you are done, simply load it back up until the next time you need it.

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5.   Remodelling

Remodelling is a difficult time for anyone and known to be very stressful. Make your job easier by having everything in a portable storage unit so you aren’t tripping over it in your house. How do you load a storage unit for a remodel? One of the best storage unit organization tips is to have a clear plan for your remodel so you can organize your storage unit to allow access to items that go in the rooms as they are completed. You can easily organize storage to find things later while you redo your floors or keep your tools safely stored away at the end of the day. When you are finished with your remodel, all of your furniture and belongings will be waiting for you to unload on your property instead of having to move them from a storage unit.

6.   Clean-up/ Reorganization

Spring cleaning doesn’t only happen in the springtime. Sometimes your house just gets cluttered, you’re downsizing or have inherited a bunch of stuff. This is a great time to utilize a portable storage unit. We will drop off the portable storage unit to you so you can load it up while you make your home sparkle. Once you are finished with the storage unit we will come back and take it away.

7.   Seasonal Storage

From lawn mowers and pruners to skis and bikes, all your seasonal equipment takes up a lot of room. Why not leave it in a portable to storage unit and only take it out when you actually need it? If you have been parking on the street rather than your garage due to an overabundance of seasonal gear, then this one of the best storage unit organization ideas for you. Storage unit organization will free up plenty of room for the things you use on a daily basis instead of seasonally.

8.   Long Distance Moving

Moving in general can seem like a daunting task but moving across the country can seem impossible. Luckily we have a solution for you that can make moving across the country seem like a breeze. We will deliver a portable storage unit to your door where you can then load it up with all of your belongings. If you’re wondering how to pack a storage unit for a long-distance move, it’s helpful if you organize your storage unit by room or by family member. Once you are done and ready for your move, we will transport your valuables on one of our trucks and deliver it to your door in your new location. All you have to do is get yourself to the location and we will do the rest.


We have gone over some of the most common uses for portable storage units and there are still so many others. Are you interested in one of our portable storage units? Contact us today for a quote or speak with one of our sales representatives who can help you with choosing the right size portable storage unit. Want more information online about portable storage unit sizes?

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