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Will You Need Storage During Your Renovation?

2021 November 10
Written by Make Space Storage

Renovations generally take longer than initially planned, which is why it is important to make a plan before your project begins. A major part of your residential or commercial renovation plan should include secure onsite storage. That’s where we can help!

Having secure on-site storage is ideal for contractors, renovators and homeowners during their next construction project or home remodel. Store furniture, valuable household items, materials, equipment or tools right outside your next project for as long as you need in a portable storage container.

With all the preparation and strategizing required before a renovation, let us provide you with safe and secure storage during renovations. You tell us when and where you want it delivered, and we will take care of the rest!

Benefits of Portable Storage for Residential Renovations 

As a homeowner undergoing a home remodel, you may not have extra space in your basement or garage to store your furniture. This is where a portable storage container can help.

By renting a container from Make Space Storage, it gives you the option of having storage right at your front door. Our flexible rental terms allow you to keep your container for as long as you need. We all know renovations take longer than expected, so if you need your container longer than you planned, just give us a call. Skip the hassle of having to haul your stuff to another storage location and let us bring a container to you. Why not keep your belongings, materials, supplies and equipment out of the way in a safe place that is nearby and accessible 24/7. Not only will your things be kept nearby, but by storing your furniture and household items in a storage container, you are protecting them from damages that may accidentally occur during your remodel.

Our containers are safe, secure and equipped with a lockbox that protects your padlock from bolt cutters. Not only are portable storage containers for home renovations safe and secure, but they are structurally sound and can withstand harsh weather conditions. 

Maybe you need temporary storage but don’t have room to keep your container? In that case, we will happily pick up your loaded container and store it at our facility until your renovations are complete. We take care of all the delivery and pick up details - all you need to do is tell us a time and place! Once your remodel is complete we will deliver your container back to you. 

Benefits of Portable Storage for Commerical Renovations

Commercial renovation projects can range from hotels, small businesses, retail spaces and more. 

Hotels can’t afford to be storing extra furniture in a room that they could be renting out to customers. By renting a long term container, you can move furniture in and out while working room to room to ensure you have as many rooms available for customers to book. 

Small businesses and retail spaces may need to shut down for a few days to do a complete renovation; having a short term storage container outside your business will help store supplies, materials, furniture, signage, inventory and any equipment. Or if you are just doing a small remodel, keeping your space clean and organized is a great way to distract customers that come in and out of your business which is possible when you have an extra storage space nearby. 

Benefits of Portable Storage for Contractors or Renovators

Independent contractors or renovators working on a large home remodel for a client will require a place to store your supplies, tools and equipment. Lugging these supplies to and from your warehouse to your project is a waste of time and energy. By renting a Make Space Storage portable container, you can keep it on your clients property for the duration of your project. This will allow your client’s home to be free of tools, equipment and supplies when you are not working and provide you with a convenient place to store these materials safely.

If you have extra space in your container, ask your clients if they want to store their extra furniture or household items that they are moving out of the rooms you are remodelling! Your clients will appreciate the extra space and provide them with a safe space to store their stuff to avoid any damages that may occur.


Whether you are a homeowner, business owner or contractor, renovation storage is key to making your lives easier. Despite the convenience of having storage right at your front door, you also get to choose the length of your rental, which is ideal for long term renovation projects or short term home repairs. 

Whatever your storage needs are, we are here to help. Check out our portable storage page to find out how you can reserve your container today!

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