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Benefits of Storing Your RV & Boat at Our Facility

2021 June 24
Written by Make Space Storage

Summer in Canada is something we long for during the long, cold winter. If you own an RV or a boat, chances are they are a major part of your summer routine. However, owning a recreational vehicle may become challenging in the winter when you are unsure where to store them. But do not worry because we have a solution for you!

Instead of keeping your RV or boat parked in your driveway, why not save some space and park it at our facility? We offer various sizes, covered and uncovered, to meet your storage needs. Storing your RV or boat at a marina or an indoor RV storage space can be extremely expensive. Our facilities are just as safe and secure, all while saving you money! Not only that but storing your RV or boat at one of our facilities provides you with even more benefits, especially as opposed to storing at your home or on your property. Stop wasting space on your driveway or in your backyard, and feel comfortable knowing our gated storage facilities will keep your RV and boat safe until your next adventure. 

Frees Up Space At Your Property 

Having a boat or an RV is an excellent asset during those hot summer months when you want to enjoy all that nature has to offer. But once you are not using them, storing your RV or boat on your driveway or property can take up a lot of room and limit the amount of space you have to park your everyday vehicles.

When it comes to storing your RV, most people don’t have room on their driveway and cannot park it on the road. RVs range in size and weight and are usually not suited for driveway storage. Likewise, storing your boat at home, depending on size, might not be an option. Some boats conveniently fit in your garage, but those that don’t shouldn’t sit on your driveway all winter. Both take up space that will ultimately be inconvenient when you need to maneuver vehicles around. If you choose to store your RV or boat at one of our facilities, your driveway and garage will become available for everyday vehicles and make space for when you have guests over. 

Increased Security Measures 

Your RV or boat are both significant investments, why not make sure they are safely stored. Unfortunately, keeping your RV or boat in your driveway or at an unsafe location can increase the risk of break-ins and damages. Why not avoid that by choosing a Make Space Storage facility! Our facilities are fully fenced in with coded access to open the gate and are equipped with 24-hour video surveillance. Find comfort knowing the safety and security of your recreational vehicle is our top priority. Our boat storage facilities also have on-site staff and management during the days to check on your property and provide assistance to anyone that drops off or comes to pick up their vehicle! 

Less Wear and Tear 

The winters in Canada can be harsh some years, especially depending on where you live. Storing a boat uncovered outside during the winter can result in wear and tear caused by extreme changes in weather. This significant investment should be taken care of even during the offseason. Your driveways are not built to sustain the weight and size of an RV or boat for an extended period. Protect your driveway and your recreational vehicles from wear and tear by storing them at one of our facilities. We offer both covered and uncovered storage spaces for your RV, boat or extra vehicle. Choose a covered unit to protect against weather damage on your boat or a cheaper uncovered unit for your RV that can withstand weather changes throughout the winter. 


These are just a few of the benefits that come from renting a storage space to store your RV and boat. Choosing a storage solution that best works for you allows you to spend more time on summer activities and less worrying about where your boat or RV will go when you aren’t using it. Then after spending a long hot summer on the lake or the road, find comfort knowing your recreational vehicle has a home for the winter that is affordable, convenient, out of sight and secure. 

Here at Make Space Storage, one of our main priorities is providing a convenient storage solution to meet your needs. To find out more, check out our website for pricing, sizing, availability and reservations or call us today for more information! 

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