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5 Best Storage Hacks for College & University Students

2021 May 11
Written by Make Space Storage

Whether you’re are a freshman or it’s your last year at College or University living in a small space can feel a little bit claustrophobic especially if your space isn’t organized or you just have too much stuff. We will take you through some of our favourite storage hacks for students living in a small space and some great options for what to do with all of your belongings including large furniture when you go home for the summer or if you just have to much stuff. 

5 Effective Storage Hacks for Students


Going vertical is one of the best storage hacks and can easily make a small space feel much larger. Adding shelves to your walls instead of pictures is one of the best storage hacks for students, keeping your belongings off the floor makes them easy to find and brings your eyes upwards making the space seem larger. Add shelves above your desk to keep your books, laptops, and stationery organized or in your bathroom to keep your toiletries out of the way.


One of the most effective storage hacks for university students has to be the use of corkboards. With the same idea as shelves, keeping papers pinned to a board on the wall will help keep your work organized and make studying much easier. Keep important bills that need to be paid or calendars with important dates pinned to your corkboard. 

Vacuum Bags

What to do with all of your winter items and seasonal clothing during summers? A great storage hack for college students is vacuum bags. Put all of your seasonal clothing and items that can be compressed into a vacuum bag. You can also put extra linen and blankets into vacuum bags until you need them. This will free up so much space by shrinking it to half the size and make it much easier to store in a closet or under your bed. 

Jam Jars

Jam jars can be used for so much more than grandmas home made jam. If you are looking for the most cost effective student storage hacks this will definitely be at the top of your list. Put all of those small annoying items that are hard to keep organized into a jar. Use a jam jar for pens and pencils at your desk, hair elastics in the bathroom or even to keep your food cupboards organized. 

Make your bed

Last but definitely not least in our top student storage hacks is making your bed. This may seem like it’s not very important but having a clean environment, especially if it isn’t very big is a great habit and can help you feel more organized for the rest of your day. Create this new habit every morning before you start your day. If you don’t believe us read this article from the Huff Post, Make Your Bed, Change Your Life

What to Do if Still a Lot of Items?

Even with all the great student storage hacks we have given you, you may still just have too much stuff for a dorm room or when renting a small apartment. If this is the case it may be time to look at a secure storage solution at a self-storage location.  This is also a great storage solution for students who go home for the summer and don’t want to continue renting an apartment or dorm while they aren’t there. Why not put your belongings into storage boxes and leave them at one of our secure storage locations and pick them up when you get back? Not sure what size unit you will need? Try our interactive self-storage sizing guide. 

Benefits of Storing Things in Self-Storage


Self-storage hacks for students is a great option if you need to declutter but what if you have larger items that just won’t fit in your small space. This is a perfect opportunity to take a look at self-storage. Self-storage is a convenient way to get large items or seasonal items out of your dorm or apartment and into a secure locker. Come pick them up whenever you need them without the hassle of tripping over them during the day. 


Self-storage is a secure option for keeping your belongings safe while you are in another city or even country. Have all of your belongings waiting for you in the same condition that they were when you left them for when you get back. Read our blog post on the 7 Best Storage Unit Organization Ideas to Make Life Easier for tips on how to keep your storage locker easy to navigate when you get back to it. 


College and University are expensive and we know that many people are on a tight student budget. With the length of semesters and home visits that vary, keeping an apartment or dorm room while you aren’t using it can add up quickly. Renting a self-storage in Kitchener or another city is much more cost-effective than keeping your apartment or dorm room over the summer. It is also a less expensive and more convenient option than selling or giving away your furniture and buying new when you come back. 

For more information or to get a quote at a Make Space Storage location near you visit our units for rent page.


We hope that you enjoyed our best storage hacks for students and will incorporate some or all of them into your small spaces. 

Renting a storage locker is a great solution for when you just need more space, are going home for the summer or if your schooling has switched to online during the pandemic. At Make Space Storage we have the most convenient storage options at student friendly prices. Visit our website for more information and availability of storage locker sizes near you or give us a call for a quote.

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