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Best Packing And Moving Tips: How to Make Relocating Less Stressful

2021 October 06
Written by Make Space Storage

Are you looking for easy moving tips to make your next move or relocation less stressful? Well, we have you covered with this list of moving tips and tricks to make your next move a breeze. 

We all know that moving can often be stressful and chaotic, whether it’s a short move across the city or a long move across the country. Many challenges can arise during a relocation or move that you may not have planned for initially. Like packing up that extra closet you forgot about or running out of time when life gets in the way. Why not be proactive and make an organized plan on what needs to be done and when. To help make your life a little easier, we have listed various tips on how to make moving easier and less stressful. Now let’s dive into the moving tips and tricks you need to help with making moving easy. 

6 Best Advices to Make Relocating Less Stressful

Create apartment move out checklist

The first crucial step required when starting your moving process is to create a detailed to-do list. Being organized is a great tool to help create a less stressful packing and moving experience. Your to-do list should be made 4-5 weeks before moving to ensure you have enough time to get everything in order. First on your moving to-do list should be a timeline indicating important dates from the start of your packing process to the day you move out. Secondly, you should create a list of repairs that need to be completed around your home before your move-out date. Third on your to-do list should be an inventory of what furniture you are bringing with you and what you will donate or get rid of. Fourth on the list should be setting out time to go through your closets, storage room and junk drawers to get rid of what you won’t be needing anymore. Finally, create a weekly schedule leading up to your move outlining what areas of your home you plan on packing up each week - this is a great way to not fall behind on packing. Don’t forget to map out time to relax and take a breather from the stress of packing up your home by spending time with the people you might not see for a while in your new city!

Consider Your Professional Moving Options 

How to move with less stress is possible by choosing the right moving option for your situation. A few options for moving are hiring traditional movers, a cross-country moving company or renting a portable storage container. Traditional movers are great for local moves within your current city or neighbouring cities. Portable storage containers are great for people who want to pack and unpack at their own pace. Check out our portable storage containers to learn more. Finally, cross-country long-haul moving companies are great for moving far distances. 

Gather The Packing Supplies You Will Need

Another tip on how to make moving easy is ensuring you have the proper moving supplies to help you pack up your home. Efficient packing for moving starts with having the right supplies available during the weeks leading up to your move. You will need boxes, heavy-duty packing tape, markers, bubble wrap and packing paper for packing up your household items that go into boxes. We also recommend wrapping furniture in movers blankets or old blankets and sheets to ensure your things are protected.

A few packing tips for moving we wanted to include are: 

  • Pack heavy items in smaller boxes & lighter items in larger boxes. 

  • Wrap very fragile items in bubble wrap. 

  • Wrap items that can chip easily in packing paper. 

  • Label ALL of your boxes to help when you are unpacking.

Create a Packing Schedule 

Creating a packing schedule 4 weeks before your move will help with making moving easy. We recommend having a 4-week moving plan that outlines what areas of your home need to be packed up each week. Using this method will help you stay on track with your packing schedule to ensure you aren’t rushing around at the very end. All that will be left when that final week comes is to pack up your essential everyday items, and you are good to go! 

Colour Coordinate Boxes with Specific Rooms or Similar Objects 

Another great packing tip we wanted to share with you is to colour coordinate your boxes based on the room it is supposed to go in or based on what is inside. When you arrive in your new city, you will want the unpacking process to be just as stress-free as the packing up process, which is why colour-coordinating will allow movers and yourself to know what room or area of your home that box is meant to go. Keep a list on your phone, tablet or computer that details where each colour is supposed to go. 

Research Your New City

Our most important tips for relocation are to research different areas of your new city. When moving to a new city, you will want to research the city to find out where your local grocery store is, local restaurants, school districts and what the city offers. Being prepared with a few places you plan to check out when you arrive will help you transition into this new city. Mapping out a few places to check out along with areas you want to explore gives you the opportunity to run into places or experiences you didn’t know existed in your new city. 

How Our Company Can Help You Do Relocation

Here at Make Space Storage, we have storage locations across Canada that offer portable storage containers and self-storage. Our portable containers are an excellent option for shorter relocations where you want the freedom of packing up your container at your own pace over your own timeline. 

It's simple! We deliver a 20ft, or 40ft Make Space Storage portable storage container right to your driveway. You then can take as much time as you need packing up your home into the container. When you are ready, we will pick up the packed container and deliver it to your new home, where you can again take your time unpacking. It takes the stress out of a rushed one-day move and allows you to pack and unpack at your own pace.


Why is moving so stressful? Because we tend to leave things until the last minute, which results in a rushed moving experience. We wanted to help by laying out different tips and tricks on how to make moving less stressful. 
Considering renting a portable storage container for your next move or relocation? Check out our portable storage page to see if this is an option for you!


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