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5 Benefits of Using Shipping Container for Moving to a New Home

2021 June 14
Written by Make Space Storage

The moving process can be stressful, time restrictive and expensive. Here at Make Space Storage, we have a solution for you.

Renting shipping containers for moving to a new home allows you to pack up your household items the way you want, at your own pace. Avoid the hassle of rushing to get everything in the moving truck by the end of the day, and let us deliver a shipping container right to your driveway. Take your time packing up your items with our 1-month rental term, then when you are ready, we will pick up the container and transport it right to your new home. It's that simple!

Now let’s dive into the benefits you will receive from moving to a new home via shipping container.

Ways to Move to a New Home

Let’s compare a traditional moving company to choosing shipping containers for your move ...

Traditional Movers

Many traditional perks come with hiring a moving truck and professional movers. However, there are a few cons that people tend to overlook. 

Hiring a moving company can be over budget for many people looking to cut down their moving costs. Renting a shipping container for an entire month is cheaper than the one-day moving fee these companies are charging. 

Traditional moving companies also create a strict schedule so that the movers only have a small window of time to load up the moving truck. This rushed experience can result in your belongings being unorganized, shoved in the truck and incorrectly labelled. Creating an even longer unpacking experience once you are in your new home. 

Opting to rent a portable shipping container may be the right fit for you if you want to avoid hidden fees, a strict time crunch and want to pack/unpack at your own pace to ensure your belongings are safe and secure. 

Shipping Container

Now renting a shipping container for moving house may be unfamiliar to you, but we are here to fix that! 

Renting a shipping container to move your belongings from your current home to your new home can save you money and help you avoid the stresses of moving. 

When renting portable storage containers for moving to a new home from Make Space, we deliver the container right to your driveway or property, you pack it up and then arrange with us when and where you would like it delivered to! Organize your container how you want for easy unloading and unpacking once at your new home. It’s really that simple.

Benefits of Using a Shipping Container for Moving a House

Affordable & No Hidden Costs

Moving house via shipping container for your next move is a great cost effective way to save money during what can typically be an expensive experience overall. Here at Make Space, we give you the monthly rental price and a delivery quote upfront so that you won't get hit with hidden fees during the duration of your rental. 

You can't beat the prices of renting safe and secure storage containers for moving house, especially when comparing it to a one-day move with a moving company. Check out our pricing to see just how affordable this option is!

Flexible Delivery & Pick Up

Tired of rushing on moving day and franticly trying to direct your movers to the correct room in your new house with different boxes, furniture, etc. Unlike moving by truck, you decide when you want your container picked up and delivered, giving you the flexibility to delay or expedite your move. Or, if you have staggered closing and move in dates but need to store your household goods until then, we will be happy to store your container at our facility until you give us a call to deliver it to your new home. 

Pack & Unpack at Your Own Pace

Another major perk of choosing to rent a shipping container during your move into your new home is that you can pack and unpack at your own pace! 

Moving can be rushed, stressful and unorganized. Why not avoid all of those negatives that come with moving by renting a portable shipping container that gives you the freedom and flexibility to pack and unpack on your own schedule. Take your time ensuring your belongings and household items are organized to make your unpacking experience even easier. 

Multiple Size Options Available 

Another benefit of using a shipping container to move houses is the flexibility of choosing a size that works for you. We offer different sizes to cater to various storage and moving needs. You can even order more than one container delivered right to your driveway. Contact us today to assess what size will work for you. 

Temporary Storage Solution 

Finally, let's talk about how you can maximize the benefits of this temporary storage solution even further. 

When renting a shipping container for your next move, you can utilize your rental duration in even more ways. Are you planning on staging your home before it sells but don’t know where to put your unused furniture? Renting a portable storage container is a great way to pack up extra furniture you don’t have storage space for. Even better, keep those items in the storage container and continue to pack up your household belongings right into the same container after your home sells. 

Or, if you have a closing date that occurs before you take possession of your new home, renting a shipping container is also an excellent option for storing your furniture during this time. Who wants to pack, unpack, pack again and then finally unpack in your new home? Noone! That's why using shipping containers for moving house is a convenient option.


Try something new this move by renting a shipping container today! Request a delivery quote to know exactly what you will be paying for your move. We want to make things as easy as possible for you, which is why we offer flexible delivery and pickup on all containers. 

Thanks for reading our blog post on the benefits of using a shipping container for your next move. Here at Make Space, we guarantee high-quality, safe, secure, weather-resistant portable shipping containers for all your moving needs. We want to make sure you have the best experience when renting from us at the best prices on the market!

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