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6 Tips for RV and Boat Parking in the Winter Season

2022 September 09
Written by Make Space Storage

Many people use their garage, driveway or yard for their RV and boat parking in the winter season and colder months when they are not in use. Although there are some benefits to this storage method, parking boats and RVs for the winter at a secure storage facility can help keep them protected and in good condition during the winter. Keep reading to discover the top storage facility characteristics for RVs and boats and some practical tips to make winter parking for boats and RVs easy. 

What Features to Look for in RV and Boat Parking Facilities

When looking for a reliable storage facility, there are several things to look for and consider in your search for your boat, trailer, and RV storage parking in the winter. Here are a few features that you should look for or think about when considering any storage and parking location:

  • It should be fully gated and provide 24h video surveillance to ensure the protection and safety of your vehicle or camper in storage. 

  • You should be able to easily access the seasonal storage units and camper parking storage spaces.

  • You should consider parking your vehicles in an indoor storage space. (This is usually a steel building for RVs and cars.) 

  • If your RV or Boat would benefit from an outdoor storage parking space, and if it should be a covered or uncovered parking spot. 

It is essential to remember the specific requirements and characteristics of your boat, trailer or camper while finding the most suitable storage facility that best matches your needs for keeping them safe in the winter storage parking spaces at the facility. At Make Space Storage, we have multiple locations across Canada that offer RV & boat parking. If you are interested in learning more about our Calgary facility, you can read our blog post about finding the best RV storage in Calgary

6 Tips to Make Winter Parking Easier for RVs and Boats

When you are getting your camper or boat ready for winter storage, you can do several universal things to ensure the ideal conditions for your RV and boat storage parking in the winter. Unlike summer storage, it is essential to correctly prepare your camper or boat to endure winter weather and cold conditions. Also, remember that they may not be in use and will be stationary for several months at a time. Here are some practical tips for preparing for RV and boat parking in the winter:

Tip 1: Clean & Organize Your Boat or RV

Thoroughly clean and organize your RV or boat inside and out for the winter. Your cleaning should include storage compartments, sleeping areas, fridges, cooking areas, and windows. When you do this, you are ensuring that you have not left any food or items in the vehicle that could go off or attract rodents during the colder winter months. 

Tip 2: RV & Boat Maintenance for Winter Storage

Ensure that your camper or boat has undergone outstanding maintenance before storage. In addition, this is an excellent time for repairs. During this tip, you should inspect the entirety of the RV or boat for leaks or damage that needs to be fixed. This includes fridges, stoves, seats, engines, storage spaces, water tanks, etc. Also, ensure windows and doors are correctly sealed to prevent drafts and moisture from getting inside during the cold winter temperature and weather conditions that will be parked in storage throughout the winter. 

Tip 3: Empty & Remove & Disconnect Tanks & Batteries 

Depending on the type of vehicle, you will need to empty, remove and clean the water, sewer, and propane tanks. In addition, you should close off propane lines and disconnect electronics and batteries before parking RVs and boats for the winter.  Ensure that batteries are stored in a dry and safe location that will not be impacted by freezing temperatures. Also, remember to fuel up during your winter preparations and use a fuel stabilizer to help reduce condensation and chemical breakdown. (You should refer to the owner's manual and the manufacturer’s recommendations.)

Tip 4: Cover Boat or RV & Protect Tires

Whether you are using indoor parking or covered/uncovered outdoor parking, you should always cover your boat, car, RV, trailer, or camper to protect it from damage or dust. In addition, if needed, cover the tires to help keep them in good condition and keep them protected while in storage. Tires should be inflated to the pressure indicated on the sidewalls before you put them into storage, and you should always check them before you remove the boat or RV from storage, as they may have lost pressure. 

Tip 5: Check Insurance & Warranties 

Before taking advantage of the many benefits of RV & boat storage parking in the winter, it is crucial to ensure that your vehicle has the correct insurance and that you are aware of the warranties and expiry dates related to the camper or boat. 

Tip 6: Find a Safe & Secure Winter Storage Parking Space

Research outdoor and indoor facility locations near you that provide services for parking and storing RVs and boats for the winter. Decide on whether you need indoor, outdoor, covered, or uncovered storage space for your RV or boat during the off-season and colder months that it will not be in use. The location should provide a secure, safe, and optimal storage space that meets the size and characteristics of the vehicle, boat, or camper. 

Final Thoughts

By following these preparation tips mentioned above before putting them into storage, you can ensure that they will be in the best condition possible. Whether you need seasonal winter parking for RVs and boats or long-term storage for your vehicle, you should schedule times to check on it to double-check that you did not miss anything and that no problems have occurred. For example, checking that windows and doors are still working and that nothing has started leaking or become damaged. With these inspections, you can rest easy knowing that your RV or boat will be in top condition and ready to be prepared for your next adventure or summer camping trip with the family. 

Are you looking for a safe, reliable place for your RV or boat in winter? Make Space Storage has spaces available for boat or RV storage for rent in Calgary, Pembroke, Regina, Bellville, and other storage facility locations across Canada. 

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