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How to Choose the Best RV Storage in Calgary

2022 January 05
Written by Make Space Storage

How to Choose the Best RV Storage in Calgary

Summer is an ideal time in Canada when people finally get to use their RVs, boats and trailers to enjoy all that Canada’s great outdoors has to offer. Travelling the country in an RV is a great way to see all Canada has to offer, with the freedom and flexibility to travel to any destination you want on a whim. RV travel is excellent for families, solo travellers and people wanting to connect with nature. An RV is something people spend years saving up to invest in a home on wheels or just simply for summer travel. If you aren’t using your RV during the treacherous Canadian winter, you may be wondering where to store it? Since many people in Calgary, Alberta use their motorhomes to travel during the summer months, they need reliable storage during the cold winter months when travel is not ideal. Determining what storage solution is right for you starts by knowing how to choose the best Calgary RV storage lot. You may also be looking for places to store a boat with a trailer - well we have you covered. 

Large RV storage in Calgary is not an option for many people who live in the suburbs, where driveways are small and neighbourhoods are compacted, which is why many choose RV storage in Calgary. Storing on your driveway will eliminate space for your everyday vehicles, and during those cold winter days, you don't want to have to walk far to your car in the mornings. Using your driveway as trailer storage could also block access to your garage where you may park your vehicle every night. Not to mention the HOA may have restrictions in your neighbourhood on whether or not you can legally keep your RV at home. 

We want to help you choose the best RV outdoor storage solution that offers affordable pricing and secure storage. Want to learn what perks outdoor RV Storage provides in Calgary? Let’s dive in on how to choose RV storage in Calgary that works best for you!

Key Features of the Best RV Storage in Calgary

People frequently pick an RV storage facility in Calgary that offers outdoor storage because of its many advantages. The main advantage would be the price and convenience you are getting from choosing outdoor storage. Outdoor storage for large recreational vehicles is ideal when maneuvering in and out of the property with ease. The facility you end up picking should have the following amenities available to guarantee your RV, motorhome, campers, and trailers are safe and secure. 


Recreational vehicles can be expensive … very expensive. Often people don’t consider how costly some storage facilities can be when you decide to put your RV away for six months of the year. When choosing the best RV storage in Calgary, you want to ensure you get the best price. Outdoor RV parking is the most cost-effective storage option when selecting a location off of your property or driveway. Indoor storage can cost anywhere from $230-$450 a month, depending on the size of your camper and the amenities offered. Our RV parking spots in Calgary range from roughly $60-$90 a month, depending on the size of your motorhome. Make Space Storage also runs monthly promotions at our Calgary facility to make your cost of parking even better! Check out our parking page for our latest promotion. 

Variety of Parking Spaces

The best RV storage located in Calgary should have a variety of parking spot sizes for you to choose from. If you only have a small travel trailer, an 8x20’ spot might be right for you. But if you are storing a large Winnebago, a 12x50’ spot could work for you. Why waste money on a spot too big when you can rent the perfect place to store a trailer, camper, motorhome, RV or boat. 

Here at Make Space Storage Calgary, we have a variety of spots ranging from 8x20’ to 12x50’. We can even combine multiple spots for very large RVs, or if you have multiple motorhomes you want to store, we can ensure they are next to each other for easy access. From smaller units to larger units to multiple spots combined, we can store any RV you have!

Calgary Secure RV Storage

Top Calgary RV storage services will come with many different security features to protect your vehicle. A facility should be fully gated, have 24/7 video surveillance and have on-site staff that work on the property Monday to Friday. These security measures in place will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your motorhome will be waiting for you safely inside a fully gated storage lot. 

Storing your RV with us? Make Space Storage Calgary offers all of the above security features to ensure you can trust storing your significant investment with us. 


When you look for RV storage in Calgary or places to store a travel trailer, boats and motorcycles, you should consider the location of the storage facility you choose. You want it to be conveniently located in relation to your home but still get the best price. Make Space Storage is conveniently located in east Calgary, just off of Highway 210, within the city limits of Calgary. Our safe and secure location allows us to provide the lowest price to our customers, out of sight for the long winter months. 

Amenities and Accessibility

The final factor you will want to consider when you need to choose the right RV storage in Calgary is the facilities, amenities and accessibility. 

If you need special requirements such as power outlets, let us know, and we will try to accommodate your request. We also can offer tarps for smaller recreational vehicles to cover and protect during the cold winter months. 

Make Space Storage Calgary has pull-through spots to ensure you don’t have to struggle into a tiny spot when parking your RV and when leaving our facility. Bigger RVs are hard to manoeuvre - which makes large outdoor storage facilities ideal when wanting to come and go as you please. Trust us to help you easily park and leave when you come back to pick up your motorhome. 

Final Thoughts

Why not choose the best RV outdoor storage in Calgary? Choosing to store your RV at our Calgary location is an excellent option for those without a suitable storage location for their motorhome, RV, camper, boat and/or travel trailer. Not only can you store your recreational vehicle at our facility, but you can also store your boat or extra vehicle you don’t have space for. Once the summer months are back, find comfort knowing your recreational vehicle will be safe and secure waiting for you and has a home for the next winter out of sight.

At Make Space Storage, one of our main priorities is providing a convenient storage solution to meet your needs. To find out more, check out our website for pricing, sizing, availability and reservations or call us today for more information!

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