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How to Store Your RV Between Road Trips

2022 August 11
Written by Make Space Storage

From how to store an RV when on your trip or vacation to the best ways for storing an RV between trips, there are some universal tips and tricks you can do to ensure that your camper, trailer or RV is ready for storage. When you are away, you can take advantage of the perks of keeping your RV in a storage facility. Make Space Storage has multiple facilities across Canada where you can store an RV when away on a trip, during the winter, or while you are away for long periods of time. Click the link above to discover more about our RV storage in Calgary, or keep reading to learn more about the best tips for storing your RV. 

Why You Should Store an RV While on a Trip or Away on Holiday

Regarding RV storage, we often consider storage between camping trips, road trips, and usage. However, when you go away on vacation without your RV, there are many benefits to utilizing storage services. Here are a few reasons you should consider using an RV/Boat self-storage facility for the storage of an RV while traveling instead of simply keeping it on your driveway or in your garage: 

  • Storage facilities are safe and secure: they have 24/7 video surveillance and additional security measures to ensure the safety of each vehicle, travel trailer or utility trailer, camper, RV, boat, and other items in storage. 

  • You can have more space in your garage and driveway: free up and declutter your home, yard, and parking by storing your RV at a local storage facility nearby between trips and when it is not in use. 

  • It will help keep your RV in good condition: putting it into storage will help keep all the parts in working order and prevent any issues from arising while you are away.

Practical Pre-Storage RV Rules Before Your Trip

Before going away on vacation, preparing your RV before you put it into storage is crucial, no matter the length of time it will be in storage. Here are some essential things you should do to preserve an RV before storage:

1. Clean the RV Inside and Out 

This step might seem obvious, but it is often overlooked. Be sure to give your RV a thorough cleaning inside and out. When you sanitize the RV before storage, it helps prevent mold or mildew from developing while it is not in use.

2. Empty the RV’s Holding Tanks

Another essential step in your RV storage preparations is to empty all of the holding tanks. Remember to empty the fresh water tank, grey water tank, and black water tank. Allowing these tanks to fill up and sit for a long time in storage can cause problems.

3. Disconnect the Battery & Propane Tank

Disconnecting the battery and propane tank is one critical step for ensuring the best storage of RVs while traveling or when you are away on vacation. In addition, disconnecting all electrical and water hookups before storage would be best to avoid potential damage. 

Top 7 Tips & Trips for Storing RVs Between Trips 

Tip 1: Find a Safe and Secure Place To Store an RV

Finding a local self-storage facility to store the RV in advance is ideal. In addition, knowing where to store an RV when on trips or where to store an RV between trips can help reduce stress. This is because you know your secure RV is safe, clean and ready to be set up for your next road trip or is in a safe location if it is not in use.

Tip 2: Choose the Right Type of Storage for your RV

Choose a covered or indoor storage option to protect your RV from the elements. If possible, opt for a spot out of direct sunlight and away from trees that could fall. Covered or indoor storage is ideal, but if this is not available, use a tarp to help protect your RV. If you are looking for somewhere near you for your RV, consider Make Space Storage. Our company is one of the best RV storage in Calgary, Pembroke, Winnipeg, and other main cities and locations in Canada. 

Tip 3: Park Your RV in an Easily Accessible Spot for Future Trips

You do not want to have to maneuver your RV around a bunch of other vehicles when you are trying to load it up and take it out of storage for your next adventure. Depending on when you will need your RV, consider requesting a parking spot close to the RV storage facility's entrance. 

Tip 4: Cover the RV 

Once you have taken care of all the essential steps inside your RV, it is time to give it some much-needed protection from the elements. Be sure to cover your RV with a tarp or other heavy-duty material to ensure that it stays clean and dry when you store your RV at a facility near your home. 

Tip 5: Place Chocks Under the Wheels

Remember to place chocks under the wheels to stop the RV from moving or accidentally rolling during storage. This is particularly important if you are keeping your RV on an incline. This tip is also helpful if you need to park your RV on a hill during your camping or road trip

Tip 6: Inspect Your RV Regularly While in Storage & Before Your Trip

During your inspection, remember to check the tires, brakes, and fluids before you head out on your next road trip. Regularly inspecting your RV can help you address issues before they become more significant long-term problems. 

Tip 7: Have a Plan for Winterizing Your RV 

If you are planning to store it during cold weather months. Your preparations should include draining the water lines, adding antifreeze to the system, and disconnecting the battery. Consult your RV owner’s manual for specific instructions on storing and winterizing your RV. 

Final Thoughts

Storing your RV does not have to be a hassle. By following these tips, you can rest assured knowing your RV is safe and sound while not in use when you are away on vacation, during the winter months, or in between trips. 

If you are looking for a place to keep your RV, boat, trailer, camper, or vehicle, Make Space Storage has the perfect solution for you. We have multiple RV storage locations in Canada at our fully gated self-storage facilities. In addition, our facilities have 24h surveillance to ensure that all storage units, parking spaces, and containers are monitored 24/7. You can learn more about our locations on our website, including our parking spaces reserved for RV storage for rent in Calgary, Windsor, Pembroke, and other cities in BC, AB, SK, MB, and ON. 

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