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Home Renovations: 5 Storage Tips & Tricks For Homeowners

2022 July 15
Written by Make Space Storage

Are you planning on renovating or remodelling your home? It is common for many people to feel overwhelmed, claustrophobic, and stressed throughout the construction process. One way to create a positive home renovation experience is to use the services of a storage company to have safe storage space for your items. There are plenty of excellent storage options for home renovations and projects. No matter if you are living in your home while it is being renovated or remodelled, storage units are great for many different reasons. A few different sizes and types of storage options are typically available. For example, portable storage containers are movable and provide excellent storage on a construction site or driveway. However, self-storage can be a perfect solution for your storage needs if you plan a home renovation.

How Storage Units Can Help You Renovate Your Home 

Whether you are renovating an apartment, house, or townhome, using a storage unit while undergoing home renovations is the perfect solution to multiple struggles that individuals and families frequently face. Here are just a few universal benefits of self-storage for home renovation projects:

  • Easy access to your storage locker or storage container

  • The optimal size and type of storage space for your renovation storage 

  • Keeping your belongings in a safe and secure place near your home

  • A flexible timeframe for you to store your stuff in case renovations take longer than expected

  • Affordable storage for breakables or treasured items that you want to be kept away from construction and builders

  • Storage for any extra possessions and seasonal stuff to help keep your living space as organized and decluttered

  • You can ensure that your items are protected from damage, debris, and dust

  • Clear up and maintain plenty of room for construction workers, contractors, and other professionals to work 

5 Useful Tips for Using Self-Storage Units for Home Renovations 

If you plan to renovate your home, you may be wondering how best to take advantage of self-storage during construction. With various unit sizes, types and features available, you can find a perfect storage unit for your needs. Here are a few tips to help you make the most of the many pros of self-storage for home renovation projects: 

1. Research and plan a renovation storage solution

Before packing up your things, planning where they will go is essential. Selecting a suitable self-storage facility for a home renovation includes considering if it is easily accessible, has 24/7 video surveillance, is affordable, and is located near you. Some of our Make Space Storage locations provide indoor storage and storage units with drive-up access. In addition, some of our facilities also have RV and Boat parking spaces available at our facility! 

2. Choose the right storage unit size

An essential tip to consider is finding the right storage unit size. When selecting a self-storage unit, choose one that is large enough to accommodate all your belongings throughout the duration of your home renovation. It is common for many facilities to have a variety of sizes available. For example, plenty of our locations have dimensions that are great for storing items found in a kitchen, multiple rooms, and the entire home contents. So depending on the type, duration, and overall size of the renovation you are planning, you can find the best size of storage unit space for home renovations.

3. Consider the best type of self-storage unit

Once you have a good idea of the size of storage unit space you require, look into which type of self-storage unit and its features. For example, many of our Make Space Storage facilities have storage lockers, heated climate-controlled storage units, and on-site storage containers. If you are storing sensitive items like electronics, furniture, or art, choose a unit with climate control. This type of storage helps protect items from becoming damaged or warped by cold or fast-changing weather conditions. 

4. Pack your items carefully for storage

When packing up your belongings for storage, be sure to use sturdy boxes and wrapping materials. Label each box marking its contents and anything else you or a family member might need to know, so you know what is inside. Even though a self-storage unit is not being transported from place to place, it is recommended that you consider using bubble wrap, packing paper, or blankets to protect fragile items. Another tip is to ensure that you use small moving boxes for heavier things such as books, thus making it easier for you to load your storage space. Make Space Storage has packing supplies available online to help with packing in advance and any last-minute packing you need.

5. Load your self-storage locker mindfully

An excellent tip for packing your storage space for home renovations includes keeping the order and the boxes or items accessibility in mind. It is common to keep anything you might need to bring out of storage during renovations near the front of your storage unit. However, for seasonal items or more oversized items such as storing furniture then, you might want to place them further back within your unit. Also, depending on how full your unit will be once fully packed, you might want to think about creating safe pathways for better access to some of your belongings nearer to the back of your locker.

Final Thoughts

By following these tips, you can be sure that your belongings will be safe and sound at our lockers and on-site containers, which make great self-storage for home renovation projects. Make Space Storage has multiple facilities across Canada that are great for people who need self-storage options during home renovations and remodelling projects. Our facilities have 24h video surveillance and are fully gated to ensure the security of our storage lockers and containers. In addition, we have various self-storage unit types, sizes, and features available, to meet a wide range of personal and commercial needs. For more information about self-storage, our other storage and moving services, or to find a facility near you, you can contact us today.

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