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7 Practical Packing Tips for Your Storage Unit

2022 June 21
Written by Make Space Storage

With a little bit of planning, the right packing supplies, and a straightforward packing process, you can optimize your storage unit space while also loading it in a manner that best suits your needs. One of the best ways to prepare and effectively pack and use your storage unit is to ensure that you have the packing items ready before getting started. You can do this by ordering your packing supplies around the same time you begin renting your storage unit. This article will share some easy-to-follow storage unit packing tips for both portable storage containers and self-storage units. 

Top 3 Tips for Packing a Mobile Storage Unit

When you are packing a portable storage container, there are essential things to consider since your mobile storage unit might be moving your belongings to a new location. Here are some practical tips for packing your storage unit in a way that will protect your items while also keeping them organized and ready to be unloaded again. 

1. Consider the types of packing items and supplies you need

Ensuring that you have moving boxes, bubbly wrap, tape, markers, and other packing supplies for your items is especially important when loading a portable storage container. Many people find that using different box sizes is a fantastic way to protect and keep your belongings organized during transit. Another benefit of using boxes is that they are ideal for safely optimizing the storage space by stacking boxes of items that have been wrapped and are protected inside each box. 

2. Take extra measures to protect belongings 

Some popular tips for packing a storage unit include different ways to pack fragile or breakable items and furniture. Using enough bubble wrap, packing paper, and protective packing supplies is crucial. In addition, it is important to take your time to carefully wrap or cover furniture and fragile items to prevent them from being damaged during transit. Something else to do is to use small boxes to pack heavier items such as books so that they can be loaded into your storage container easily and quickly. 

3. Pack your portable storage container for transit

Mobile storage units are great moving and storage solutions since they are delivered to your location and, once loaded, can be transported to another site if needed. One of the best tips on packing for a storage unit which will be moved is to prioritize loading heavier items on the bottom and light items nearer to the top. 

Top 4 Self-Storage Unit Packing Tips

Your packing strategy can differ since your storage unit will not be moved when loaded. These 4 packing tips for a storage unit can assist you in maximizing the space inside your locker. Whether you have a self-storage locker or an on-site storage container, here are a few practical self-storage packing tips which you can tailor and alter based on your needs. 

1. Clean and pack your belongings 

Before bringing your belongings to a storage facility, consider whether anything you will be putting into storage needs to be cleaned, maintained, protected, or pre-packed into moving boxes. This tip is especially important for fragile items, furniture, equipment, and seasonal items such as skis, snowboards, and bikes. 

2. Plan your packing process for the self-storage facility

If you are unfamiliar with the self-storage facility, one of the best packing tips for self-storage is to consider how you will transport your belongings to your storage locker. Knowing the facility gate hours, contact information, and storage unit access is crucial. Some storage lockers can be located inside a building, while others are outdoors with drive-up access. Having these details can help you decide on your packing strategy for your heavy and lightweight items. 

3. Ensure that items are accessible 

It is essential to plan ahead and think about what you will be loading into your self-storage unit and how often you will need to access it. Remember to place the boxes of items you may need to bring out of storage quickly closer to your storage unit door can help you save time. Carefully labelling your large and small boxes to indicate what is inside them and whether they are heavy, fragile, or light is another excellent way to ensure that essential boxes are not right at the back of your unit. 

4. Organize and create a list

Even when you label your boxes, it can be challenging to find the right boxes of items that you specifically need after a few months or even years. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a list of everything in storage and where they are within the storage unit. Staying organized by updating your list can be helpful for you to keep track of where everything is stored in the future. This tip is especially useful if more than one person is organizing, accessing, moving, and packing items into a storage locker or on-site container. 

Do You Need a Self-Storage Unit or Portable Storage Container?

Whether you are using a portable storage container for your move, or a self-storage unit for your extra belongings and seasonal items, we hope that you have found these practical storage unit packing tips helpful. If you are looking for a self-storage unit or a portable storage container for your personal or business needs, Make Space Storage has multiple storage facilities across Canada. When you reserve and rent a storage unit with us, you can order packing supplies such as moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and more. Contact us today to get a quote or reserve a storage unit and packing supplies from our closest facility near you. Our representatives are happy to answer your question and help you find the right storage solution that matches your needs.

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