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How To Pack Your Home Like A Pro

2022 May 06
Written by Make Space Storage

Deciding between storage and moving companies to find affordable packing supplies near you can often add unnecessary stress to your move. Packing your home can feel daunting and overwhelming without the right packing supplies, research, packing plan, and moving strategy. You will find easy-to-implement tips on packing your home like a pro for your next move to your brand new home. 

The First Step Is To Gather Your Moving Supplies 

Preparing for your big move can feel less daunting when you have all your packing supplies ready before packing up each room. In addition, finding environmentally friendly packaging for your move is an excellent way to keep your packing costs low during your move. You can order from our Make Space Storage Online Packing Supplies Store cardboard boxes, markers, bubble wrap, packing paper, tape, and other supplies such as a mattress bag for moving and protecting your mattress as you load and unload it during your move to your new home. 

6 Tips To Pack Your Home Like A Pro

1. Research storage and moving companies

Not yet ready to move because you are still in the staging and open home phase? 

Consider using a self-storage locker or on-site container to store your extra furniture and clutter while cleaning and preparing your home for potential buyers. 

Not sure whether you need to hire moving services for your move or not? 

An excellent alternative to traditional full-service moving companies is hiring portable storage containers instead. Mobile storage container services are ideal for moving since they allow you and your family to pack your home at your own rate. Then, once you have packed and are ready to move, Make Space Storage will move your container to your new home for you, where you can unload it at your own pace. 

2. Create a packing plan and moving checklist

Before you jump into packing your house up for a move, creating a packing plan and a moving checklist is an excellent way to save your energy, time, and packing supplies. Remember to keep in mind that your packing plan is everything you need to do and pack in preparation for your move, while your moving checklist is your last minute and final things you should double-check closer to your move-out date.  

Your packing plan should include:

  • Action items such as renting a portable storage container for your move or a self-storage unit for any additional items you plan to collect at a later date

  • All the rooms and central areas that will need to be packed before your move

  • A clear packing timeline for how long you expect to spend on each room or space

  • The sequential order of where you will start packing up everything in your house

  • Any critical dates that impact your packing, moving and storage plan

  • Plan for anything that will be especially difficult to pack, such as bikes, large furniture, and equipment

  • A strategy for handling the items you will not be packing or bringing with you

Your moving checklist should include: 

  • All the things that you had to keep out until the last minute before moving 

  • The final room checks and cleaning needed on your moving day

  • Your last-minute fragile, important, or breakable items for your storage unit or portable storage container

  • Anything you will need access to during your move or immediately upon arrival

3. Declutter, organize, and clean as you pack

When you are moving out of your home, a great strategy is to declutter each room as you pack up your house. Then, as you pack and clean each space, organize your extra items into piles for charity, neighbours, storage, and a garage sale if you are planning on holding one. It is vital to keep your moving supplies well-stocked during this step since it can be hard to estimate the exact amount of bubble wrap, boxes, tape, and bags needed. In addition, try to remember to pack heavy items into small boxes to load and unload your heavier belongings safely. 

4. Label your packed moving boxes

No matter the duration of your move, careful labelling while packing boxes for your move is a great way to stay organized. Creating a clear and consistent system for labelling or marking your boxes can also be helpful to minimize any miscommunications or understandings. For example, using a sharpie or marker to write the room, contents, box number, and if there is anything else important, you or someone else in your family should know about the box. 

5. Packing fragile items for moving 

With some thoughtful preparation and planning, you do not have to worry about your precariously packed plates, mugs, decorations, clocks, and trinkets during your move. You can take advantage of our online packing supplies store to order enough bubble wrap and packing paper for your fragile items. In addition, you can avoid the constant stress of wondering where precisely all those breakable or delicate items ended up and if they will still be in one piece when you eventually relocate and unpack them after moving house. 

Here are a few tips for packing fragile belongings for both short and long moves: 

  • Carefully clean and wrap fragile items with bubble wrap, packing paper

  • Ensure that moving boxes with breakables are carefully labelled and not too heavy

  • Pack fragile items near the top of packages and moving containers 

  • Wrap picture frames and large, breakable objects in towels, bubble wrap or paper

  • Consider dedicating a specific area in each room of your new home for delicate items 

  • Be careful when carrying or moving boxes and furniture into your portable storage container or self-storage unit

6. Loading portable storage containers and self-storage units 

Whether you are loading moving trucks, storage units, or moving storage containers, packing your belongings carefully and mindfully is critical. Creating a solid base by loading your heavy items before your lighter boxes is a great way to ensure the stability of your belongings during your move. Another factor to consider is packing things that you will not need immediate access to first so that they will be the last things you unpack upon arrival. When you think about the order of loading and unloading your items, it can ensure that the belongings you will need within the first few hours or days are securely packed for the move and easily accessible. 

Wrapping Up The Packing & Moving Tips

Whether you are packing up your dorm room for the summer semester or getting ready to move to your brand new home, you can implement these packing tips for moving to ensure a simple and easy transition to your new home. When moving to a new home, you can rely on Make Space Storage to provide secure, affordable, and convenient solutions for your packing supplies and moving needs. 

With a bit of preparation, planning, the right moving services, and the right packing approach, you will be wrapping up your packing in no time. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our self-storage units and portable storage container rental services. We are happy to answer your questions and hope you found these tips for packing your home like a pro helpful.

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