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8 Tips for Moving to a Small Town or Smaller City

2022 June 29
Written by Make Space Storage

Moving to a small town or city can be an adjustment, so it is important to be patient as you transition into your new life. If you do your research, be prepared for a slower pace of life, and get involved in your community, you’ll be on your way to making a successful transition. Having the right preparation and moving strategy that suits your needs is one of the best ways to ensure a less stressful and hectic move. Here are some practical and easy tips for moving to a smaller city:

Tip 1 - Research and plan before moving

Before making a move from a larger city to a smaller town, it’s essential to do your research and make sure that it’s the right fit for you. Consider things like the cost of living, the job market, and the quality of life before making your decision. It is a good idea to seek professional advice for some of your research and planning, as they provide expert insight and help if you are unfamiliar with the neighbourhood, market, moving process, or strategies that will best meet your desired lifestyle and home. 

Tip 2 - Explore prices and real estate options

Whether you are planning to rent or buy, exploring and researching your real estate options is vital. It is common for the cost of real estate to be lower in small cities and towns. However, remember to look into the housing market for your desired location and the neighbourhoods where you will be most comfortable and happy. One of the other important pieces of advice for moving to a small town is to research the area's primary services, grocery stores, restaurants and shops.

Tip 3 - Look into local self-storage facilities

One of the easiest ways to move from a big city to a small town is to consider utilizing self-storage is perfect for extra possessions, seasonal items, and things you want to keep but do not want or have space for in your new home. Remember to look into accessibility and convenience when selecting a self-storage facility near your new home. It is essential to consider what you plan to put into storage, how frequently you will need to access your belongings and how close your self-storage locker or on-site container is to your work or home. Make Space Storage has many self-storage facility locations across Canada that can meet both personal and business storage needs. Self-storage is a great solution for people who are planning on a short-term or long-term move. You can learn more about our nearest self-storage units and our flexible services by selecting the location which is closest to wherever you are planning to relocate. 

Tip 4 - Explore job opportunities and schools

Depending on your reseasons for moving to a small city exploring employment opportunities, potential commutes, public transportation, local schools, and child care services is vital for many individuals and families. Remember that it is common for many small towns to have fewer public transit options and a smaller selection of nearby job opportunities or schools that meet your preferences and needs. One possibility is to research possible career options where you can work online, from home, or remotely. With this option, many Canadians have found that they can live in a smaller town without impacting their income or career. 

Tip 5 - Get involved in the community

Small towns often have friendly and tight communities. One of the best ways to smooth the transition and speed up the adjustment process is to get involved in the community as soon as you can after moving to a small town. If you are currently involved with local events, sports teams, or clubs, then discovering and planning your new lifestyle is essential. Join local groups and organizations, volunteer, and attend local events. Doing this will help you meet new people and feel more connected to your new home. Something else to consider is if there are online groups and clubs that you and your family can join if the small town you are moving to does not currently have the classes, groups, or events you are familiar with and enjoy. 

Tip 6 - Prepare for a slower pace of life

One of the most significant adjustments you will have to make when moving from a big city to a small town is being prepared and getting used to a slower pace of life. Things will move at a different speed than what you are accustomed to, so consider and plan for how this might impact you. Like any new home, neighbourhood or lifestyle, it can take time to fully adjust and embrace living in a smaller city or town. However, being patient, having fun, trying new things in the community, and making new friends can help you while you and your family get used to the change of living area. 

Tip 7 - Pack and organize your belongings for the move

One of the top tips for moving to a small town is to make your move easier is to prepare in advance and not leave packing and organizing all your belongings until the last minute. A great strategy to do this is to ensure that you carefully pack and label your moving boxes while using enough packing boxes and supplies to protect any fragile items. Having enough packing and moving supplies before you start is an excellent way to maintain momentum, you can order packing supplies from our Make Space Storage online packing supplies store. We have moving boxes, tape, markers, bubble wrap, mattress covers and more.  

Tip 8 - Use Portable Storage Containers for a Comfortable Move to a Small Town

You can avoid moving full-time being your one and only focus, by taking advantage of a moving storage container. Using portable storage containers for your move is not only more flexible but also an affordable solution for many people who do not want to hire a traditional moving company that has their own movers who load and unload the moving truck. To get the best prices and learn more about our portable storage container rental services you can find which of our locations is closest to your locations. One of the best perks of a moving container is that you do not have to rely on packing services, instead, you have more control over the details and can pack and move at your pace. Make Space Storage has multiple sizes of mobile moving containers available and ready to be delivered to your current location at your convenience. Once you have packed it with your belongings, we will move the container to a secondary location.

Final Thoughts

Although when you move to a smaller town can be a big change, it can also be a great opportunity to start fresh. Just remember to give yourself time to settle in and get used to your new surroundings. With a little bit of time, you will start to feel right at home. By following these tips on how to move to a small town, we hope that your move is smooth and your adjustment period is easier. 

Whether you are moving to somewhere that is nearby or further away, Make Space Storage has a large selection of portable storage containers, self-storage units, packing supplies, and other moving or storage services to accommodate your needs. You can visit us online to request a quote, reserve a storage unit, or contact one of our representatives today. We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have. 

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