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5 Storage & Packing Tips for Students Living in Dorms or on Campus

2022 August 22
Written by Make Space Storage

Self-storage facilities provide safe, secure, accessible and reliable storage spaces for college students living in dorms or other residences either nearby. Keep reading to discover some great packing ideas for college, storage tips for college campus students, and why self-storage is an excellent solution for the various storage needs of students on campus. Whether you are moving into dorms, sharing a home, or living in a small space on campus, finding enough room for your belongings can be difficult. From semester to semester, your school books, supplies, snacks, and possessions clutter up your room, not to mention your clothes. With these storage and packing hacks, you can create ideal study environments and optimize your space in your dorm room.

Why is it Good for College Students to Use Storage Facilities?

For many university and college students, moving dormitories throughout their time living on campus is a regular endeavour. However, moving can be time-consuming, stressful, and exhausting, often leading to students throwing away books and notes that they might benefit from in future classes. Luckily, investing in a self-storage locker nearby is an affordable solution for students that are going home for the summer, travelling or studying abroad for a few semesters, or simply struggling with the lack of room in dorms. In addition, many students find that storage units for college dorms can be great for keeping seasonal belongings, old textbooks and notes, extra clothes, suitcases, and equipment they will need access to in the future. 

5 Useful Storage Tips for Students Living in College Dorms

Having enough space and storage for college campus residents can be difficult, whether you are in dorms or sharing a house. Using self-storage can benefit college freshmen living in dorm rooms as well as students living in apartments. The following storage ideas for college campus residents are perfect for anyone who needs to declutter and bring order to their dorm. In addition, students can optimize their living space and even create a new study space with these creative storage ideas.

1. Get the Right Size Unit

One of the first self-storage ideas for college dormitory life is to find additional storage options for your various belongings that you do not need immediate access to this semester or season. One option is to find a self-storage facility near your campus to store your items, school supplies, equipment, and stuff. Many storage facilities have multiple sizes and types of storage units ideal for those living in dorms or sharing a home.

2. Rent with a Friend

Not sure if the smallest storage lockers will be too big for your needs? One of the best storage tips for college campuses with students with roommates or close friends who are also living on campus is to share a self-storage locker. You can save money and help out a friend by agreeing to share storage space. In addition, this is also perfect since your friend can keep an eye on your stuff if you plan to take a year off, are going home for the summer, or are studying abroad for a semester. 

3. Store Seasonal Items & Clothes

Students can follow these campus storage ideas for their clothes to solve this storage issue. First, carefully pack your cold weather or summer clothes and items into boxes or bags. Then, clearly label the contents of each box or bag before loading them into your self-storage unit. If you know that you might need access to your clothes in the near future, be sure to keep them near the front of your storage locker. With these self-storage tips for student dorms and campus life, an important thing to remember is to not block your clothes and seasonal items with heavy difficult-to-move things such as furniture, bikes, and books.

4. Store Previous Textbooks & School Work 

Do you know that you do not need specific textbooks, notes, and schoolwork this semester? Then one of the top storage hacks for student dormitory and campus life is to pack them away and store them in a secure storage locker near your college or university. This way, you can access them next semester when you will need them without them cluttering up your study space and dorm. 

5. Take Inventory

It can be hard to remember what you have in storage and which box has the specific thing you need. You can help save time and energy in the future by keeping a list of everything within your storage locker, as well as the location and contents of each box. If you are sharing a storage unit or planning on being away for a few months, then this is one of the essential self-storage tips for college students in campus residences.

5 Packing Hacks for Students Living in Dorms or Campus

Like moving to a small town or when you are downsizing, ensuring you have enough storage and space for your clothes, books, and belongings in dorms starts with packing mindfully. You can combine the following packing tips with the dorm room storage tips outlined above to optimize your study and living area in the dorms.

1. Make a Packing & Moving List 

This tip may seem obvious, but it is worth repeating. Making a packing list will help you stay organized and ensure you do not forget anything important. This packing hack can also be used as a basic storage tip for items you have in your dorm room and in storage.

2. Pack Your Essentials First & Bring a Small Bag

When you start packing, pack your essential items first, such as your toothbrush, deodorant, medications, and campus map. Keep in mind your plan for your dorm room and any storage ideas for students that you will be following while packing since this can impact the sequence of your items. A small backpack or bag is helpful for carrying around your essentials while on campus before you thoroughly move in. It is also great for storing things like your laptop, textbooks, and other materials. This way, you will have your essentials readily accessible during your move and transition to living on campus.

3. Use Vacuum-Sealed Bags

Vacuum-sealed bags are great for storing clothes and other items in a space-saving way. They can also help protect your belongings from getting wrinkled or damaged. These can also be great for your seasonal clothes and items you will be placing into a safe and secure self-storage unit. 

4. Get a Storage Unit in Advance

It is easy to overpack when you are moving into a dorm or campus apartment. Getting a storage unit before moving into dorms can help ensure you do not over-pack your dorm room. Instead, you already have everything you need in a self-storage unit nearby, so only the necessities will be taking up space in your dorms.

5. Protect Mattresses, Couches, and Chairs

No matter the length of time you put your belongings into storage, then be sure to correctly protect your mattresses and furniture before placing them in your storage unit. These storage tips for college dorms and students are especially relevant for any fragile items you put into storage. Also, remember to pack heavier things into smaller boxes to ensure you can move them easily and quickly. 

Final Thoughts

With these packing and storage tips for a young college student, you can enjoy your time living in dorms without the stress of not having enough space for your textbooks, clothes, and most beloved possessions. Make Space Storage has packing supplies available online and accessible and secure storage facilities located across Canada. If you are interested in finding great prices, customer service, and self-storage services for students on campus, you can find out more or reserve one of our storage units on our website. If you have any questions, you can give us a call, request a quote, or contact us today to find out more.

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