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7 Winter Parking and Storage Benefits for Vehicles and Trailers

2022 October 11
Written by Make Space Storage

In the winter, many cars are left in garages taking up space or parked outside in driveways. However, many companies and families utilize affordable and popular winter parking solutions during the cold Canadian winters. In this article, discover the benefits of winter storage and parking, what types of vehicles and trailers can be stored in the winter, and some tips for deciding which parking spaces are best for different personal and commercial vehicles. 

What Kinds of Cars and Trailers Can Be Stored in the Winter?

From classic cars and boats to commercial trucks and utility trailers, there are quite a few different types of vehicles that you can park and put into storage during the winter. Here are some of the kinds of cars and trailers that are often stored in the winter:  

Winter Parking for Commercial Vehicles and Utility Trailers

Did you know that many companies and businesses store their commercial cars, utility trailers, trucks, and other vehicles during winter? Keeping their extra company cars at a storage facility helps their business keep costs low and ensures that their vehicles stay in excellent working condition. In addition, commercial parking in the winter is a perfect storage solution for any trailers, company trucks, or cars that are not being used during the slow seasons or cold weather. 

Storing Classic Cars During the Winter

Although people often think of winter parking storage for their RVs, boats, and trailers, there are other ways you can use your storage space. Some storage facilities have great parking spaces for classic cars and vehicles. These parking spots at the storage facility can provide an ideal environment accommodating your classic vehicle's needs throughout the winter.

Winter Parking Spaces for RVs and Campers

Many families and individuals decide to park their camping vehicles and RVs at storage facilities in the cold winter. This helps them safely store their RVs and trailers during the winter in a secure and closely monitored parking spot near them. In addition, many people store their RVs between road trips or while they are away on vacation. 

Winter Boat Storage and Parking Spots

When it is not fishing season or during the times that you are not using your boat, consider keeping it at a local storage facility near you. There are a few affordable and reliable storage spaces and parking spots for boats in the winter. This is a perfect way to have more room in their garage, driveway, and yard. 

7 Benefits of Winter Parking for Vehicles and Trailers 

Not sure if you would benefit from winter parking? Here are some tips and perks of storing vehicles and trailers at storage facilities in the winter:

1. Safe & Secure Parking Spaces

One of the main benefits of storage facility parking is that the facility is fully gated and has 24h video surveillance. These security measures give customers the peace of mind of knowing that their cars, trailers, and items in storage are safe and consistently monitored throughout the winter.

2. Save Space on Your Property 

One of the most common benefits of storing vehicles and trailers in the winter is saving space at your home or workplace. During the cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions, they can safely park their car nearby while enjoying the benefits of having more space in their garage, yard, driveway, or company parking lot. 

3. Affordable Winter Parking and Storage

Not only are there budget-friendly seasonal parking and storage services for your various cars, boats and trailers, but there are other factors that can help you save costs. Keeping your vehicle dry and safe can increase its lifespan and reduce the maintenance and repairs you may need. 

4. Customized Parking and Storage Spaces

Many storage facilities have customized parking and storage spaces for cars and trailers in the winter. Some places have various outdoor and indoor parking spots for customers. In addition, there are often storage spaces that can accommodate any electrical and other storage requirements of some cars, RVs, trailers, and classic vehicles. 

5. Flexible Seasonal Storage Options

Seasons parking space services offer flexible and trustworthy storage options for various business and personal cars and utility trailers. The advantages of seasonal storage allow customers to park their vehicles at the storage facility during the cold weather and times that they are not in use. Seasonal parking spots are ideal for company cars during the months that are less busy or throughout the weeks and months when you are very busy and need the extra space that the cars and trucks are taking up. 

6. Easily Accessible Parking 

Finding a storage facility near your workplace or home helps you efficiently access your trucks and cars in storage. This means you can easily access, check on, pick up, and park your vehicle or trailer in the winter. Customers can access their storage unit during gate hours. Many of our Make Space Storage facility locations provide 24h access to customers or convenient gate hours during weekdays and weekends. 

7. Prevent Damages and Rust in Winter

A helpful tip for winter parking and storage is to get your vehicle ready before parking it for the winter. With a bit of preparation, you can easily prevent damage and rust from occurring. You can do several things to prepare RVs and boats for winter parking and storage. Correctly cleaning, organizing, and maintaining your car, trailer, truck, boat, or RV before storage can ensure that you can avoid preventable repairs and damages.

Which Type of Winter Parking and Storage is Best for You?

Several winter storage and parking spots exist for vehicles and trailers. Here are some of the popular solutions and tips for winter parking at storage facilities: 

Uncovered Outdoor Parking Spaces

One of the cheapest and best storage places for some vehicles and commercial trucks is utilizing outdoor parking spaces at storage facilities. With these kinds of winter storage and parking spaces, you can save space and keep commercial cars that are not used in a secure location nearby.

Covered Outdoor Parking Spaces

If your vehicle, truck, boat, or trailer can be parked outdoors in the winter but would benefit from being kept in a covered parking spot, then consider this type of parking space. It can be a great solution if you need a storage space which would be in between uncovered parking spots and indoor climate-controlled parking.

Indoor Heated Parking Spots

Indoor parking spots provide a dry and heated environment which is optimal for classic cars and vehicles. In addition, these temperature-controlled parking spaces are also ideal for winter parking since they protect the car from cold climates and winter weather conditions. 

Self-Storage Lockers

Some types of self-storage lockers have drive-up access. Customers can park smaller cars, boats, equipment, and trailers with drive-up storage units. One of the benefits of this storage unit is that you can store other items inside during the cold season. 

On-site Storage Containers

Another type of self-storage that can safely store small cars and vehicles in the winter is on-site storage containers. These are regular metal storage containers which are at the storage facility. On-site storage container dimensions are ideal for the winter parking and storage of trailers and vehicles. 

Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a parking spot or a storage facility near you? Make Space Storage has multiple self-storage locations across Canada. Our company provides affordable storage and moving services, including self-storage lockers, on-site storage containers,  parking spaces, and portable storage containers for rent. In addition, customers can purchase moving and packing supplies from our website. From seasonal storage and parking to long-term parking and storage solutions, we have flexible and reliable commercial and personal options available. Contact us today and speak with one of our knowledgeable and helpful representatives. We are happy to answer any questions about our services, locations, parking spaces and packing supplies

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