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5 Portable Storage Tips for Businesses Storing Equipment and Tools

2022 November 03
Written by Make Space Storage

Portable storage containers are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility and convenience. They can be used for various purposes, such as storing tools and equipment for businesses throughout multiple industries. They can also be used as mobile or on-site storage for remodelling and renovation projects. In addition, they can be easily relocated, which makes them ideal for businesses and contractors that frequently move or expand.

Industries and Businesses that Use Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers have a variety of uses in different industries and businesses. Here are some of the common reasons that various companies use portable storage containers for storing their work equipment and tools: 

Portable Storage for Renovation and Remodelling Companies 

Being able to store materials and equipment on-site is essential for any renovation or construction company. However, many worksites are located in areas where there is limited space. Portable storage containers provide an ideal storage solution for renovation companies. The containers can be delivered to the worksite and then used to store tools, materials, and other equipment. Best of all, when the job is finished, the containers can be picked up and taken away, leaving a tidy worksite when you are done with the construction project. This makes portable storage containers an invaluable resource for remodelling and renovation companies.

Storing Equipment and Tools for Contractors 

Storing equipment and tools in portable storage containers is a great way to save time and money. Portable storage containers are convenient because they can be easily moved, which is suitable for contractors who work on projects needing multiple tools and equipment types. They are also durable and water-resistant, so your equipment will be protected from the elements. Whether you need to store equipment for a short-term project or long-term job, portable storage containers are ideal for a contractor to keep their various supplies and tools safe and secure at each work location.

Storage for Staging Companies and Interior Designers

A well-staged home is often the key to a successful sale; that is where portable storage comes in. A reliable mobile storage solution is essential for staging companies and interior designers. Mobile storage units can store furniture, decorations, and other items while a home is staged. This allows staging companies to create multiple looks for a home without worrying about where to put everything when they are finished. In addition, since portable storage units can be delivered right to the doorstep, renting a truck or making multiple trips is unnecessary. Interior designers can also use portable storage to store seasonal items and tools or client belongings. This way, they can have more space to work in their homes and easily access whatever they need when needed. 

Agricultural Equipment and Tool Storage for Farmers

Agricultural equipment and tools are a necessary part of any farm. However, storing this equipment can be challenging, especially for small farms with limited space. These mobile storage container spaces can be used to store anything from small tractors and plows to shovels and tools. In addition, because they are transportable, they can be easily moved and transported to wherever they are needed on the farm.

Commercial Portable Storage for Local Businesses and Entrepreneurs 

Local businesses and entrepreneurs often require storage but may not have the space to store everything on-site. Commercial storage can provide convenient and affordable solutions. Companies can keep the container at their workplace, driveway, yard, or even at another location close to their business address or home.  

5 Tips and Ideas for Businesses Storing Equipment and Tools 

Portable storage containers are one of the most versatile and affordable solutions today. They can be used for various applications, making them an ideal choice for businesses and industries of all types. Here are some practical portable storage tips and ideas for businesses and companies storing equipment and tools:

Tip 1. Storing Seasonal Tools and Equipment

As the weather and seasons change, so do the various work equipment and tools we need to maintain our homes and workplaces. For example, in the spring, we might need gardening supplies and painting tools, while in the winter, we might need snow shovels and de-icing salt. Rather than clutter up our job sites with this seasonal equipment, many people are turning to mobile storage containers. These containers can be parked in a driveway, work site, or on the street, and they provide a convenient way to store belongings that we only need for a few months out of the year.

Tip 2. Keeping Excess Tools and Equipment Off-site

Portable storage units can be delivered to the business location and loaded with inventory, office supplies, spare equipment and tools, or other items. The units can then be kept at a secure location off-site. This can free up valuable space on the premises and provide peace of mind knowing that the belongings are safe and secure.

Tip 3. Storing Tools and Equipment at Job Sites

There are several sizes of portable containers that can store tools and equipment at your next job site. This is a safe and affordable commercial portable storage solution to keep your various work items in a secure place overnight and throughout the duration of your project. In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of easily accessing your stored tools and equipment as you need them. 

Tip 4. Securely Storing Fragile Equipment and Tools

Mobile storage containers are made of strong metal and are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. This makes them a great place to store fragile equipment and tools that could be damaged overnight by rain, wind, weather, dust, and other work environments. 

Tip 5. Storing and Transporting Tools and Equipment

One of the benefits of portable storage containers for equipment and tools is that the containers are easy to transport and place at your workplace. In addition, their different sizes make it easy for businesses to select a suitable container for their work supplies and tools, no matter the project's duration or location. This helps workers save costs and avoid transporting heavy tools and items to their job site each shift. In addition, this can help reduce damages and repairs that could occur when not transported and stored correctly. 

Make Space Storage’s Portable Containers and Services

Portable storage containers are an increasingly popular choice for businesses and industries due to their affordability, versatility, and convenience. A portable storage container may be the perfect solution for your business if you need extra storage for your equipment and tools. If you are considering using a commercial portable storage container for your next project, Make Space Storage has multiple affordable mobile storage containers ready to be delivered to your workplace or job site. In addition, our company has various storage and moving services with facilities located across Canada. Contact us today to learn more about our personal and commercial storage services. 

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