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How To Make Space and Create a Home Gym

2023 January 10
Written by Make Space Storage

Making an at-home gym does not have to be complicated! With a little planning and creativity, anyone can make space for their home gym without sacrificing their belongings. With the right area, equipment, and storage, you can transform your house into the perfect place to stay healthy and fit without leaving home. 

Step 1: Plan Your Home Gym Before Decluttering

It is easy to jump straight to cleaning, sorting and decluttering, but before you do, there are a couple of things to consider. Deciding on the best place in your home for a gym and knowing the size and types of equipment you want is a great way to ensure you make enough space for a gym in your house. Also, remember to make sure that you will have enough room to complete your exercises safely.

Where Is Your Home Gym Going To Be In Your House?

It is essential to designate a specific area for your gym. Depending on your home, space, and planned gym space, some rooms are faster to declutter than others. Also, when choosing your exercise area, think about whether you want natural light or make noise. Here are some of the most popular places for home gyms:

  • Garage
  • Living room
  • Bedroom 
  • Basement
  • Solarium
  • Porch or outdoor space

What Types of Gym Equipment Do You Need?

After assessing your home, you must decide which equipment to achieve your fitness goals. What kind of workouts do you want to do? Do you need space for cardio equipment, weight lifting, or both? If you have little room in your home for large equipment or just want to switch things up, consider using virtual workouts requiring minimal or no equipment. Many options, from streaming services to YouTube videos, can help you get a great workout in the comfort of your home.

When you have a fitness plan, start taking stock of your current gym equipment. Do you have any equipment you no longer use? Consider donating or storing anything you no longer need. Also, take note of your existing equipment, and research what you need to complete your gym. 

If you want to maximize your space, invest in multi-functional gym equipment to maximize your space. A ball can be used for balance work, core training, and stretching. A set of adjustable dumbbells is excellent for strength training exercises.

Step 2: Self-Storage Solutions Before Making A Home Gym

Now that you have a plan for your at-home gym, the next step is to find a storage solution for all the stuff in your planned workout space. Creating a safe and open space is essential to keeping you safe as you work towards your fitness goals. Using a local self-storage facility is an affordable, flexible, and convenient storage solution. Since the facility is local, you can easily access your storage locker whenever you need. In addition, having your belongings stored a short drive from your house is excellent for keeping your garage decluttered or your home organized, no matter the season. 

Sizes and Types of Self-Storage Lockers

Most self-storage facilities have drive-up storage lockers, on-site storage containers, and climate-controlled storage units. In addition, several small, medium, and large storage lockers are available at the facility. So, there are affordable storage lockers available if you need to store some seasonal toys or everything you have in your basement or spare room.

Tips for Loading Your Storage Locker

An excellent self-storage tip is to keep an inventory of what you are storing inside your locker can help you save time. Also, be sure to carefully pack everything away before loading your storage unit. Using bubble wrap and labelling your boxes helps your fragile items stay safe and protected. Finally, as you load your locker, be sure to place lighter items on top of heavier things, and put the things you will need access to first in the unit last. This way, you will prevent items from being damaged or stuck at the back of your locker. 

Step 3: Organize and Declutter Your Home Gym With These Tips

Now that you have a plan and a storage space ready for your stuff, it is time to start decluttering! No matter the size and location of the gym in your home, these decluttering and organization tips will help you maximize your space. 

Tip 1: Sort Through Your Belongings

When you start decluttering, categorize and organize your possessions. Remember to repair or throw away anything broken as you sort through your stuff. In addition, you can donate, give away, or put your belongings into storage. Also, remember that since this will be an exercise space, put away anything breakable in the room. For example, avoiding trinkets, glass tables, and fragile objects in your workout space is a good idea. 

Tip 2: Pack and Store Your Clutter in a Storage Locker

Having enough space for your home gym is essential since you will need room to safely workout and move. If you have boxes or piles of items and clutter lying around, consider packing them into a self-storage locker. Using self-storage to make space for a gym is affordable and secure. In addition, you can place other seasonal things or spare equipment in your storage locker, which will help you keep your home organized. 

Tip 3: Clean and Optimize Your Home Gym Space

Now that you have space for a home gym, it is crucial to get it ready before you bring in your equipment. Start with giving your room or area a thorough clean. If you share your home gym with other activities, like parking your car in the garage or using the space as a guest room, make sure it will not impact your other hobbies. 

Tip 4: Utilize Wall and Ceiling Space for Your Gym

Install wall-mounted racks for weights, or consider purchasing a ceiling-mounted pulley system for versatile strength training. Doing this will help free up floor space and make your home gym feel more open and spacious.

Tip 5: Creating a Home Gym

Now that you have everything prepared, it is time to set up your equipment, weights, mats, and gym. An excellent way to keep your home gym organized is to ensure you have a place to store your equipment when it is not in use. 

Final Thoughts

Creating a home gym can provide an effective solution for staying fit while saving time and money. With the right equipment, space, plan, and storage solution, anyone can create their training paradise right at home. 

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