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This Summer Help us Make Space at the Table for Those in Need

2023 June 29
Written by Make Space Storage

From July 1st to August 31st Make Space Cares will donate $10 from every new rental to Food Banks Canada.

It’s clear to see that coast to coast the increase in the cost of living has had a significant impact on the bottom lines of many families. It’s no surprise that food bank use is the highest it’s ever been.

Summer is often seen as a time of fun, relaxation, and good weather, but for many families, it can be a time of increased financial strain. Children are out of school, and the cost of childcare, summer activities, and extra food expenses can add up quickly. When school is out for the summer, families who rely on free or reduced-cost school meals for their children may struggle to provide enough food. The rising cost of everything has sharpened the knife edge that so many families live on, and for those who are already struggling to make ends meet, these additional expenses can be overwhelming.

This is where food banks can step in, providing nutritious meals and snacks to help fill the gap. Food banks play an unfortunately crucial role in our society, especially during tough times like the pandemic and our current cost of living crunch. While food banks receive donations throughout the year, summer is a time when they need extra support.

This will be the third Make Space Cares summer food bank campaign and each year the need for support of food banks across the country has grown.

This summer we are pledging to donate $10 from every new rental up to $15,000 to Food Banks Canada. Food Banks Canada can turn $1 into two meals so for each new Make Space Storage Rental we will donate the equivalent of 20 meals.

So this summer rent a new self-storage or portable storage unit and make space in your home to make space at the table.

Why Food Banks Canada?

Food Banks Canada works with more than 4,700 food banks and community agencies coast to coast to coast with the goal to relieve hunger today and prevent hunger tomorrow. They work to guide systemic change and eliminate food insecurity once and for all.

What is Make Space Cares?

Make Space Cares is the charitable arm of Make Space Storage. We focus on Community-centric contributions & fundraising. From donating shipping containers to supporting local food banks, we believe in the possibility of making the world a better place by giving back to our communities. With multiple brands and locations across Canada, we are always looking for opportunities to support community organizations, big and small.

We can see in the feedback from our staff, our customers, and our community members across the country, the importance of our continued support of food banks. Over the last 3 years Make Space Cares has made significant contributions to food banks across Canada in response to the immense need.

Learn more about our past, current, and future Make Space Cares projects here.

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