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How To Organize and Store Your Thanksgiving & Halloween Decorations

2022 October 25
Written by Make Space Storage

Fall time in Canada means the leaves start changing colours, the weather cools down, and, most importantly, the holiday season begins. An exciting time for those who decorate their homes with fall-themed decor, pumpkins and spooky ghosts for Halloween night. Not only are we excited to decorate, but this is a time many gather with loved ones to share a meal and give thanks for all they are thankful for. This busy and exciting time is coming to an end, and that means it is time to start thinking about how to organize and store your Thanksgiving and Halloween decor until next year. Next year, avoid cluttered storage rooms and lost items by following these Halloween and Thanksgiving organization tips. 

Tip #1: Gather All Your Decor 

The first step in your storing and organizing journey is to gather all of the fall and Halloween-themed decor you have put out this month. We recommend placing it all in one room so you can see how many items you will be packing away. Organize items into piles based on the decor item, for example: 

  • Thanksgiving table decor, such as kitchen dishes and tableware

  • Outdoor Halloween decor

  • Themed throw pillows and blankets

  • Small decorative trinkets

Tip #2: Use Clear Containers with Lids 

Now that you have un-decorated your home, it is time to determine what the best packing solution is for storing holiday decor. We recommend using clear containers for a number of reasons. Clear containers are durable and will last you 10+ years of use, as opposed to using cardboard boxes that, over time, break down and are not meant to be reused 10+ times. Another perk when using clear containers is that they come equipped with handles or grips to help you avoid injury when trying to pick up heavier containers from the bottom by simply lifting them from the handles placed near the top. 

Make sure to label these containers so you know what is what when looking for items next year or if you need to pull items out during the year for a school project or fun-themed party!

Tip #3: Protect Fragile Items with Bubble Wrap and Newspaper 

When you pack items inside your containers, you want to ensure they are protected while they sit in your basement storage room for a year! Make sure you wrap items that are fragile in bubble wrap or old newspaper. Place decor that is not breakable (ie: pillows, blankets, plush Halloween figures, etc.) in between and around your fragile items for even more protection. 

Tip #4: Pack Up Each Container With Similar Objects

Keeping each container organized with like objects is a great way to make unpacking next year seamless and fast. Keep one box for outdoor Halloween decor, one for indoor Halloween decor and another for Thanksgiving decor. This is a great trick if you are someone who waits until after Canadian thanksgiving to get out your indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations. 

To Wrap Things Up 

Storage and organizing is usually a tedious task that some want to avoid all together. Follow the tips above to help you stay organized and make next years unpacking a breeze. 

Running out of room in your garage or storage room? Sometimes there is only so much you can do to your storage room organization system before you realize your stuff just simply won’t fit. This is where we can help! Rent a storage locker from one of our many Make Space Storage locations across Canada to keep seasonal decor and furniture out of sight and out of mind. With various sizes available at all our locations, your storage needs won’t be too small or too big for us to help.

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