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A Home Away from Home: Exploring the Benefits of Using Self Storage for Travellers

2023 July 13
Written by Make Space Storage

Are you dreaming of an exciting adventure abroad or a long-term travel experience, but worried about the burden of storing your belongings and paying rent back home? Look no further! Self-storage is the ultimate solution to your worries. These versatile spaces provide a safe haven for your precious belongings while you embark on your journey, all at a low cost. Say goodbye to the stress of finding someone to watch over your things or worrying about the security of your valuables. With a self-storage locker, you can enjoy peace of mind and focus on exploring new horizons.  

Planning an adventure abroad or a long-term travel experience is incredibly exciting, and self-storage can definitely help alleviate any worries about storing your belongings while you're away. With the convenience and affordability of self-storage, you can trust that your precious items will be kept safe and secure until you return. No more stressing over finding someone to look after your things or constantly wondering if they're being taken care of properly. Instead, you can fully immerse yourself in the thrill of exploring new places and discovering new experiences. 

Why Choose Self-Storage When Traveling?

1. Security and Peace of Mind

When it comes to storing your valuable belongings, security and peace of mind are of utmost importance. Secure self-storage units offer a reliable solution for travellers who need a safe space to store their items.

Gated facilities ensure that only current customers have access to the facility and lockable units provide an added layer of security. You can bring your own lock or purchase one on-site, giving you complete control over access to your unit.

For those who are travelling or temporarily away from home, secure self-storage units offer peace of mind. Knowing that your items are safely stored away allows you to fully enjoy your trip without worrying about the security of your belongings.

At most Make Space Storage locations, you can also securely park your vehicle. When you're planning a trip or need to park your car for an extended period, ensuring its safety becomes a top priority. Our facilities offer secure and convenient options for parking your car while you're away, providing peace of mind and protection against theft, vandalism, and damage.

2. Flexibility and Accessibility

Flexibility and accessibility are key factors when it comes to choosing a self-storage facility.

Flexible rental terms allow you to customize the duration of your rental based on your specific needs. This means that you can rent for as short as a few months or as long as several years, depending on what suits you best. With this flexibility, you have the freedom to adjust your plans without being tied down.

In addition to flexible rental terms, convenient access to your belongings is crucial, especially when travelling. Imagine being able to access your items anytime you might return from your trip without any hassle. This level of accessibility ensures that you have everything you need at hand whenever you need it.

Extended access hours further enhance convenience by providing access outside of regular business hours. This means that even if you arrive late at night or early in the morning, you can still retrieve or return your rented items without any restrictions. Many of our facilities feature extended gate access for customers and some offer 24/7 access.

Overall, flexibility and accessibility play vital roles in ensuring a seamless and convenient rental experience. By choosing a service that offers flexible rental terms and convenient access options such as extended hours, you can enjoy the utmost convenience and peace of mind during your travels.

3. Decluttering and Organizing Possessions

Decluttering and organizing possessions can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to travel preparations. However, there is a solution that can simplify this process and provide peace of mind: self-storage units.

By utilizing a self-storage unit, individuals can securely store their unnecessary items before departure or during trips. This allows them to declutter their living spaces and travel with ease, knowing that their belongings are safely stored away.

One of the key benefits of using a self-storage unit for travel preparations is the ability to store items that are not essential for the trip. This includes seasonal clothing, sports equipment, or bulky items that may take up valuable space in luggage or vehicles. By storing these items in a self-storage unit, travellers can streamline their packing process and ensure they have everything they need without the added stress of excess baggage.

Tips for Utilizing Self Storage as a Traveler:

When it comes to travelling, utilizing self-storage can be a game-changer. Whether you're taking a short trip or embarking on a long-term adventure, having a reliable self-storage unit can help ease your mind and keep your belongings safe.

Here are some valuable tips for making the most out of self-storage while travelling:

1. Choose the right storage facility: Make Space Storage offers secure units across the country with features like gated access, access control systems, and climate control options. This ensures that your items are protected from theft, damage, and extreme temperatures.

2. Pack strategically: Before storing your belongings, take the time to pack them properly. Use sturdy boxes and packing materials to protect fragile items. Label each box clearly to make it easier to locate specific items when needed.

3. Consider climate-controlled units: If you're storing delicate items such as artwork, electronics, or wooden furniture, opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. This will help maintain stable temperature and humidity levels, preventing any potential damage caused by extreme weather conditions.

4. Organize and document: Create an inventory list of all the items you're storing in the unit. This will help you keep track of what you have stored and make it easier to retrieve specific items without unpacking everything.

5. Optimize space: Make use of vertical space by stacking boxes or using shelving units within the storage unit. Maximize every inch of available space by disassembling furniture if possible and utilizing vacuum-sealed bags for clothing or bedding.

6. Consider security measures: While our storage facilities have security measures in place, it's always wise to take additional precautions such as using sturdy locks on your unit and avoiding sharing access codes with anyone else.

By following these tips for utilizing self-storage while travelling, you can ensure that your belongings remain safe and organized throughout your journey. Happy travels! 

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