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Bentastic306 X
Prince Albert
Great price
Dave Altenberg
Prince Albert
Good place ..alot of room
Rog Lasas
Prince Albert
Nice units!
Garry Hill
Prince Albert
Excellent people and excellent service coupled with very good, clean storage containers! They exceeded my expectations. Steel doors that seal to the floor with entrance and egress at both ends of the unit. Mouse free environment which was very important to me to store my car for 2 and a half months this summer(2020). They even pro rated my last month because I only needed 3 weeks of it. Nice! Highly recommend!
Steven French
Prince Albert
Great people. Great service. Great knowing i have a place that i can go to any time i need some extra space.
Cal O
Prince Albert
Hands down; best staff around. Friendly, Honest, and funny. Lots of storage selection for different prices.
Melody Maggrah
Prince Albert
Very friendly and helpful. Gives you what your looking for. Prices are very fair.
Trine Marie
Prince Albert
Great staff, super friendly and clean!

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