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Portable Storage Containers in Calgary

Make Space Storage has affordable, reliable, and durable portable containers in Calgary. They are the perfect moving and portable storage solutions for your temporary, seasonal, short-term and long-term needs. We have numerous sizes of mobile storage containers available to be delivered right to your worksite, business, or home. Whether you are moving locations or in need of more space, we can help!

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What Will Be Included in Your Custom Quote?

You can request a customized quote today by clicking the button above and completing our online form. If you have questions or would like to learn more about our portable storage Calgary services, feel free to give us a call and speak with one of our specialists. 

  • Quantity and type of storage container you would like
  • The estimated timeframe you need to use the portable storage container (4 weeks minimum)
  • Empty storage container delivery/transportation from our facility to your desired location
  • Price is based on your preferred storage location(s) and moving storage needs.
  • Empty storage container pick-up from your location(s) 

How Does Our Portable Storage Work In Calgary?

Depending on your individual or company plans, you can keep your container at our yard or store it at your preferred location, work site, home address, or company. No matter your needs, you can enjoy the flexibility and advantages of Calgary portable storage containers.

At Your Location

At Our Yard

Step 1

Rent a portable storage container from Make Space Storage. We will deliver the empty container to your home, work, or business location. After it arrives, you can easily access the portable storage space whenever you want and pack at your own pace.

Step 2

You can use and store your storage container at your location for however long you need. Just remember to check your local permits to ensure that this is okay. Then, if you would like, we will move your fully packed container to another location. 

Step 3

Once you are done using your mobile container and have removed all your stored belongings, furniture, tools, and items, we will pick it up right from your home, job site, or business address in Calgary at a convenient time.