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Maximizing Small Spaces with Creative Storage Solutions for Apartments and Condos

2024 March 06
Written by Make Space Storage

Living in a small home, whether it’s an apartment, a dorm, a condo, or a small house, presents its challenges, especially when it comes to finding enough storage space. Fortunately, Make Space Storage offers a solution that allows you to maximize your living area without compromising on your belongings. With our self-storage units, you can declutter your apartment and enjoy a more organized living space. 

The Power of Extra Space

We understand that every square foot of your apartment is valuable. Our self-storage units provide the extra space you need to store belongings that may not fit comfortably in your living space. Whether it's seasonal clothing, sports equipment, or sentimental items, our storage units offer a secure and convenient solution for keeping your belongings safe without overcrowding your apartment.

Declutter Your Living Space

A cluttered apartment can feel cramped and overwhelming. With Make Space Storage, you can declutter your living space and create a more open and inviting environment. Store items that you don't use regularly in our self-storage units, freeing up valuable space in your apartment for the things you use every day. Our storage units are accessible whenever you need them, with some locations providing 24/7 gate access, allowing you to retrieve items as needed without cluttering your living space.

Make Space Storage offers a variety of self-storage solutions designed to meet the unique needs of our customers. We provide the option of climate-controlled or non-climate-controlled units to accommodate items that may require special care.

Climate-Controlled Units

Our climate-controlled units are ideal for storing items that are sensitive to temperature and humidity fluctuations. Whether you're storing electronics, wooden furniture, antiques, or delicate fabrics, our climate-controlled units provide a stable environment to protect your belongings from damage. These units maintain a consistent temperature range throughout the year, ensuring that your items remain in pristine condition regardless of external weather conditions.

Non-Climate Controlled Units:

For items that do not require climate control, our standard self-storage units offer a cost-effective storage solution. These units are suitable for a wide range of items, including household goods, kitchenware, tools, and seasonal decorations. With flexible sizing options, you can choose the unit size that best fits your needs and budget. Our standard units provide secure storage for your belongings without the additional cost of climate control features.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need

At Make Space Storage, we understand that every apartment and every tenant is unique. That's why we offer a variety of storage unit sizes to suit your individual needs. Whether you need a small unit to store a few boxes or a larger unit to accommodate furniture and bulky items, we have the perfect solution for you. Not sure what size unit you need? Just contact us - our friendly staff is always available to help you choose the right storage unit size and answer any questions you may have about our services. 

Peace of Mind

With Make Space Storage, you can rest easy knowing that your belongings are safe and secure. Our storage facilities are equipped with security features like electronic gate access. Many of our facilities also offer 24-hour video surveillance to ensure your belongings are protected. You can access your storage unit whenever you need to, giving you the flexibility to retrieve items at your convenience. With Make Space Storage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings are in good hands.

Secure Parking for Vehicles and RVs

In addition to providing self-storage units for household items, Make Space Storage offers secure parking options for vehicles, RVs, boats, and other large items that you may not have space for at home. This is especially valuable for apartment dwellers who often have limited parking availability. Our spacious outdoor parking spaces provide a safe and convenient solution for storing your vehicles and recreational equipment.

RV Parking

Many apartment residents only have access to one parking space, making it challenging to find storage for their RVs. Make Space Storage addresses this need by offering dedicated RV parking spaces. Whether you have a compact camper or a large motorhome, our spacious outdoor parking areas provide a secure and convenient solution for storing your RV.

Vehicle Parking

Whether you have an extra car, motorcycle, or classic car that you need to store, our vehicle parking spaces provide a convenient solution. Our outdoor parking areas are designed to accommodate vehicles of all sizes, ensuring that you can store your vehicle securely and access it whenever you need to. With our flexible lease terms and affordable pricing, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is in good hands.

Boat Parking

Apartment living often means limited parking options, especially for larger items like boats. If you're an avid boater but don't have space to park your boat, our boat parking spaces offer the perfect solution. Our outdoor parking areas are spacious enough to accommodate boats of all sizes, from small fishing boats to large yachts. With our secure facilities and easy access to nearby waterways, storing your boat at Make Space Storage is convenient and hassle-free.

Additional Storage Options

In addition to vehicle and RV parking, Make Space Storage offers a range of storage options for other large items that you may not have space for at home. Whether you need to store ATVs, trailers, or other recreational equipment, our outdoor parking spaces provide a secure and convenient solution. 

Ready to Make More Space?

Living in a small apartment or condo doesn't mean sacrificing space or organization. Make Space Storage offers a range of storage solutions tailored to maximize your living area and simplify your life. From self-storage units to secure parking options for vehicles and recreational equipment, we have everything you need to reclaim your space and enjoy a clutter-free home.

Ready to make the most of your apartment living experience? Check out our locations page to find the Make Space Storage facility nearest to you. Then you can book your storage unit online or contact us for personalized help. With Make Space Storage, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe, secure and easily accessible, no matter where you live.

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