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Make Space for Summer: Free Up Driveway Space for Outdoor Fun

2024 June 05
Written by Make Space Storage

As the warm weather approaches, many of us start planning outdoor activities and adventures. Whether it's hosting barbecues, playing sports in the driveway, or taking your RV or convertible out for a spin, having ample space at home can make all the difference. However, cluttered garages and driveways can quickly become a hindrance. This is where Make Space Storage and our self-storage and parking options come in handy, offering a perfect solution to free up space and make the most of your summer.

Maximize Your Driveway for Summer Activities

Summer is the ideal time to enjoy your outdoor space, but a cluttered driveway can limit your options. By using self-storage, you can clear out unnecessary items and create more room for:

  • Barbecues and Gatherings: Host family and friends for cookouts without worrying about parked cars or stored items taking up space.
  • Sports and Games: Set up a basketball hoop, play catch, or enjoy other outdoor activities with a spacious, clutter-free driveway.
  • Extra Parking: Make room for guests or your own vehicles, such as convertibles and motorcycles, which you’re more likely to use during the summer.

Keep Your Garage Organized

A well-organized garage is key to maximizing your summer fun. Storing seldom-used items in a storage unit helps you:

  • Access Seasonal Gear Easily: Keep your summer equipment, like camping gear and beach chairs, front and center in your garage.
  • Create a Workshop Space: Clear out clutter to set up a summer project or hobby area.
  • Maintain a Clean and Tidy Home: Reduce stress and improve home aesthetics by keeping your garage neat and organized.

Store Your Winter Gear

One of the biggest advantages of self-storage is the ability to store seasonal items that you don’t need during the summer. Free up your garage by storing winter gear, including:

  • Snowblowers and Shovels: Clear out bulky equipment to make space for summer essentials.
  • Winter Sports Gear: Store skis, snowboards, and other winter sports equipment until you need them again.
  • Holiday Decorations: Keep your garage organized by moving holiday decorations to a storage unit until the next season.

Make Space for Your RV and Convertible

Summer is the perfect time to take your RV on a road trip or drive your convertible with the top down. However, finding space to park these vehicles at home can be challenging. If, even after making space using the tips above, you still don’t want to keep your RV or convertible in the driveway, Make Space Storage offers a practical solution:

  • RV Storage: Securely store your RV when it’s not in use, freeing up space in your driveway and ensuring your vehicle is protected.
  • Convertible Storage: Keep your convertible safe and secure in a large storage unit or secure parking spot at one of our gated facilities, ready for those sunny day drives.

Convenient and Accessible Storage Solutions

At Make Space Storage, we prioritize convenience and accessibility for all your storage needs. Many of our locations feature:

  • 24/7 Gate Access or Extended Hours: Access your storage unit at any time, making it easy to retrieve items or park your vehicle whenever you need.
  • Drive-Up Units: Enjoy the convenience of drive-up units, which allow for easy loading and unloading directly from your vehicle.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We understand that managing finances is important, especially during the summer months. That’s why we offer competitive rates, flexible lease terms, and promotions for new renters. You can find a storage option that fits your budget without breaking the bank.

Personalized Support

Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is here to assist you every step of the way. Whether you need help selecting the right unit size, have questions about our services, or need assistance with logistics, we’re here to make your storage experience as seamless as possible.

Easy Online Booking and Move-In Process

At Make Space Storage, we strive to make the storage experience as simple and convenient as possible for our customers. We understand that your time is valuable, especially during the busy summer months. That's why we've streamlined our services to include easy online options for browsing, booking, and moving in.

Explore Storage Options Online

Finding the perfect storage unit for your needs has never been easier. Our user-friendly website allows you to:

  • Browse Unit Sizes and Prices: Compare different storage unit sizes and prices to find the best fit for your belongings and budget.
  • Online Chat: Have questions? Our convenient online chat is here to help! 
  • Check Availability: See real-time availability of units at your preferred location, ensuring you can secure the space you need when you need it.

Simple Online Booking

Our online booking process is designed to be quick and hassle-free:

  • Select Your Unit: Choose the unit that meets your requirements based on size, price, and availability.
  • Complete the Reservation: Fill out a simple form with your contact information and move-in date.
  • Secure Your Space: Confirm your booking with a few clicks and receive immediate confirmation of your reservation.

Convenient Online Move-In

Moving into your storage unit is just as straightforward with our online move-in process, available at many of our locations:

  • Digital Lease Signing: Review and sign your lease agreement online, eliminating the need for in-person paperwork.
  • Access Instructions: Receive detailed instructions on how to access your storage unit, including gate codes and unit location.
  • Contactless Move-In: Move your items into your storage unit at your convenience, without the need for in-person interactions.

By offering easy online booking and move-in options, we aim to provide a seamless storage experience from start to finish. Whether you're planning ahead or need a last-minute storage solution, Make Space Storage ensures that securing and accessing your unit is simple and stress-free.

Enjoy a Clutter-Free Summer with Make Space Storage

Self-storage is the perfect solution to free up space at home and make the most of your summer activities. Whether you’re clearing out your driveway, storing winter gear, or finding a safe spot for your RV and convertible, Make Space Storage offers convenient, secure, and budget-friendly options to meet your needs. Check out our growing list of locations across Canada for a Make Space Storage facility near you. Contact us today to learn more about our storage solutions or book online now and start enjoying a clutter-free summer!

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