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Why You Should Move to - or Stay in London Ontario

2023 March 24
Written by Make Space Storage

Being only about 2 hours away from Toronto, and alternatively, 2 hours away from Detroit, London is one of the main urban hubs in Ontario. Known as ‘The Forest City’ and with a (rapidly growing) population of 422,000 people, London Ontario is one of the best (and still affordable) places to move to within Southern Ontario – and there’s a reason for that. 

Although it is often overlooked as a travel / relation destination, London boasts a wide variety of activities, restaurants, and attractions that rival those in the major cities and will keep you coming back for more! In this article we’ll be covering some of the those along with different housing and moving options to make your next move a breeze! 

Activities / Things to do in London Ontario

Springbank Park 

Being known as the Forest City, London has a big reputation to live up to – luckily among the numerous parks and greenbelts there is Springbank Park. Covering about 300 acres, Springbank Park is home to over 30 km of trails, playgrounds, and other amenities. It also has the Thames River running right through it, which in the winter becomes a large skating rink! 

100 Kellogg Lane 

100 Kellogg Lane was once a production factory for Kellogg’s (the cereal company) but has since transformed into a one-million-square-foot entertainment destination. Featuring everything from Breweries restaurants, escape rooms, and more! 
Some notable mentions within 100 Kellogg Lane are The Factory, which is Canada’s biggest indoor family entertainment centre, and The Clubhouse, which is a state-of-the-art indoor sport and dining experience. 

Storybook Gardens 

Located inside of Springbank Park, Storybook Gardens is a family friendly amusement park (for children) featuring attractions from classic fairy tales and storybooks. They also host numerous events here such as the annual Easter Egg Hunt, and the Friday Night Festivals (in the summer). Overall, it’s a great place to take the kids and spend a day outdoors in the park! 

Budweiser Gardens 

Whether you’re looking to go to a concert, watch a comedy show, or attend an OHL or NBLC game, Budweiser Gardens has it all! There’s something for everyone and you can learn more about any upcoming events on their website. 

Covet Garden Market 

Founded 20 years before Canada became a nation, the Covet Garden Market is open 7 days a week and offers food, services, an outdoor farmers market, and is also the host of several festivals and events throughout the year! 

Wortley Village 

Dubbed ‘The Heart of Old South’, Wortley Village is one of the prime tourist attractions in London. It’s a neighbourhood that feels like a small village, and is best known for its historic homes, fantastic restaurants, and the friendly & welcoming atmosphere. For anyone visiting London, this is a must-see! 

Western Fair District 

The Western Fair District is a historic landmark and hosts a wide variety of attractions and entertainment options from Farmers Markets to Food and Wine shows, and even a Circus! You’ll never be disappointed when you visit!

Restaurants in London Ontario

Joe Kools 

If there’s one place you must go on this list, it’s Joe Kools. Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year [2023], it has been a staple of the nightlife scene in London since it was first established and continues to provide its customers with good food, service, and live shows. 


Garlics has been a popular dining experience for Londoners and tourists for the past 25 years. They offer an artistic atmosphere, exposed brick walls, and internationally / seasonally inspired rustic cuisine. As the name implies, garlic is a key ingredient in most of their dishes, and you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else! 

Tasting Room 

If you’re looking for a classy, upscale restaurant, then look no further! The Tasting room in London is both a bar and bistro that is best known for its extensive appetizer menu and amazing selection of wines from around the world. Located in downtown London, next to the Grand Theatre, it’s something that should definitely be on your to-do list! 

Black Walnut 

With 3 separate locations in London, the Black Walnut Bakery Café boasts one of the most incredible menus featuring hand baked pastries, amazing, locally roasted, coffee, and baked goods. It is a family-owned and award-winning business that you shouldn’t miss out on! 

Boxcar donuts 

For those of you with a sweet tooth, we have Box Car donuts. It’s important to note that these aren’t the same donuts that you’d find at Tim Horton’s, they are perfectly hand crafted, baked, cut, and made with fresh ingredients only. Once you try them, nothing will else will ever go with your coffee again! 

Moving to London Ontario 

Whether you’re a London native or if you’re planning to relocate, you’ll find that there are a lot of options for both renting and purchasing your next home / apartment. Here are some options to consider when looking to purchase or rent your next home. 

Homes for sale in London Ontario 

As one of the largest and fastest growing cities in Ontario (and Canada for that matter), London has a lot of options when it comes to the housing market. If you haven’t already been looking at houses for sale, we think that you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Many have already made the move due to the nationwide shift to remote work (thanks to the pandemic) as they are no longer forced to remain close to their workplaces anymore. 
Using websites like, you’ll be able to find plenty of homes for sale in London Ontario that can fit most any budget. 

Apartments for rent in London ON 

With both the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College located in London, you’ll find that there are plenty of apartments available to rent on popular sites such as: 

As with most communities that are home to colleges and universities, you’ll find that your options to rent will increase greatly towards the end of each semester (typically April or May) when students are either leaving for the summer or are moving back home after graduating.  

Preparing for the Move 

Once you’ve found your place (home or apartment) you’ll want to consider what to do next. Chances are you’ve moved homes at least once in your life, so you have a good idea of the considerable stress you’re about to be under. The good news is, we have a solution specific to those in London and the surrounding area! 
At Make Space Storage London, we provide portable storage containers that make moving a breeze. Instead of rushing to pick up your moving truck rental and trying to gather all your friends and family for a single afternoon to move everything you own – you can now rent a portable container that is placed on your driveway that you can load and pack at your own pace. 
The best part is, we will then pick it up for you and either store it at our secure facility until you're ready for it, or we’ll deliver it right to your new home! For a quick quote or to learn more, feel free to reach out to one of our friendly representatives, we’re always happy to help! 

Final Thoughts 

If you’re thinking about moving to, or looking to stay in London, you’ve made a wise choice. With so much to do, and a continually growing population, it is quickly becoming one of Canada’s iconic destinations. We know that moving can be difficult and time-consuming beyond belief, but that shouldn’t hold you back. At Make Space Storage London, we can help! Give us a call to learn more about our portable storage solutions and decide for yourself if it’s right for you – our friendly, and local team is only a call away! 


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