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5 Ways to Use Short-Term Self Storage Units for Your Needs

2020 November 17
Written by Make Space Storage

People are becoming more inventive with the ways that they are using self-storage. From personal to business needs, Make Space Storage has what you are looking for. We offer short term self storage for people that are looking to move or do a renovation and we also offer longer term self storage rentals in our secure facility for business owners that need a place to store extra inventory. Temporary self storage is also great for people who are downsizing or looking to go on a trip around the world but don’t want to pay rent for an apartment while they are away. 

There are many reasons that people use self-storage but here we will go over 5 common reasons people use short term storage facilities and why they are a great solution for personal and business needs.

Advantages of short term self storage solutions

At Make Space Storage facilities our short term self storage solutions are here to help everyone. Our facilities are always secure so you can be sure that your belongings are safe. We offer short term self storage units that are climate controlled for storing furniture and documents and we also offer short term storage units that are not climate controlled for items that don’t need climate controls such as seasonal outdoor equipment.

We can help you with choosing the right long or  short term self storage solution for your needs based on cost and the size of storage unit you may need. 

5 ways to use short term self storage units

1. For you business

Did you know that self storage can actually help you grow your business? Are you just starting out a new business venture, or have you been working on your business for years and it’s starting to really take off?  Being prepared for changes in your business can help your business grow during challenging times and when your business is thriving. Long-term or self storage for short term can help you easily transition from working out of your living room to opening an online store. Keep your extra inventory in a self storage unit. 

Free up your workspace and declutter your office so that you have more room to grow. Health care organizations can clear out that old filing cabinet with the files that you don’t regularly need access to and transfer them to a temperature controlled storage locker with easy access for when you really need them.

Are you a realtor that needs staging equipment and furniture to sell houses? This is a perfect example of how businesses can use self-storage to keep equipment that they don’t want lying around their house or office.

2. Moving, relocating or downsizing

Everyone knows how stressful moving can be especially if it’s across the country. Instead of trying to sort through all of your belongings and have them all moved within a couple days you can use a short term storage rental to ease the workload. Put your belongings into a temporary self storage unit and take your time transitioning your belongings over a few months. This will also give you the opportunity to unpack at a slower pass so that your home can feel more like a home.

Are you a student moving back home for the summer? This is a perfect time to use a temporary self storage unit. You can put all of your furniture and belongings into a short term self storage unit and have it waiting for you when you return back to school when the summer is over. 

3. Home Renovations

Looking to remodel your bathroom, kitchen or rip up the entire flooring in your house? This is a great time to use our short term storage options. Instead of tripping over boxes and moving them from room to room or making a dangerously high pile of stuff in your garage, take everything you don’t need during the renovation and put it into a short term self storage unit.

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4. Travelling

The time has finally come for you to take that 4 month vacation across Europe, but you're not going to be able to fit all of your belongings in your suitcase and you don’t want to have to buy them all again when you get home. A short term self storage unit is a great option for the long-term traveller. Put all your furniture and belongings  into a temporary self storage unit and they will be waiting for you when you get home. Think about all the money you will save by not paying rent during your travels! Not sure what size storage unit you will need? Check out our sizing guide or contact us for more information. 


5. Seasonal Equipment

Just because you don’t have a big garage doesn’t mean you don’t have a lawn or garden. Keeping your backyard looking pristine takes a lot of tools and tools and takes up a lot of space. 

In the winter months you may want to store your lawnmowers, trimmer, bikes and rollerblades in a short term self storage unit. Then in the summer you can switch out your seasonal summer items and put in your snowblowers, shovels and skis to make room at your property. 


Make Space Storage offers on-site containers and long and short term self storage units at our secure facilities. We have many locations including,  Pender Harbour, Prince George, Edmonton and Winnipeg. Our facilities are all conveniently located, accessible and affordable. Whether you are looking to store your furniture during a move, going on a trip or need somewhere to put extra inventory we can meet all of your self-storage needs. 

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